How to use and maintain the tool correctly

1. For cheekbones and meat, please use them separately for different purposes. The cutter should not cut or cut hard objects such as metal or wood.

2, when the cheekbone should use the blade of the heel to contact the bone, vertical knife. If the bone is stuck on the edge of the blade, it should not be shaken to the left and right, pull out the edge of the blade. The correct method is to raise the bone with the knife and cut it again until the bone breaks. Otherwise, it will cause the cutting edge of steel blade to be broken into an arc, which is improperly used and is not covered by the warranty.

3, because the knife is a kitchen hardware used very frequently, after each use need to be washed clean, dry, put on cooked cooking oil, placed in a ventilated, dry place, away from water and gas cookers, to prevent rust. (Stainless steel cutters come into contact with carbon monoxide gas and cause yellow spots and should be prevented).

4, kitchen knives, scissors rusty, can use a piece of sweet potato carefully rub a few times, and then wipe clean with a rag can, after the kitchen knife rusty, the knife on the Taomi water dip for 3 hours, you can go to rust.

5, tool water mill method: when the knife is blunt, add water to the angle of 15 degrees -20 degrees on the sharpening stone back and forth grinding can be very sharp.

Granular carbon processed from activated coal or pellet carbon basis. High hardness of pellet carbon can meet different users` demands of various effective particle size of irregular carbon and uniform coefficient.

The high adsorption carbons Granular Activated Carbon, which is the second main products following pellet carbon of HuaHui Company, can be produced in various distribution, the specification produced through the year includes HP-8X30 (8X30 mesh), HP-12X40,HP-5X7,HP-12X30,HP-20X40 and so on.

Granular Activated Carbon is the extension and supplement on products manufacturing and service of pellet series. This type of activated carbon is finished by machanical breaking and screening of pellet series, therefore, it has the pore characteristics of pellet activated carbon.


Granular Activated Carbon

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