Comprehensive Utilization of Rainfall and Flood in Beijing Fengtai Bridge Pumping Station

Fengtai District in Beijing Bridge Pumping Station, where the accumulation of low-lying rainwater, and now all have been re-use, which is Fengtai Bridge pumping station flood comprehensive utilization project results. Fengtai Railway Bridge Road south of a washing car wash room west of the sliding aluminum alloy glass doors, which are all mechanical and electrical equipment. 16 eighty-nine centimeters long, more than 10 cm thick glass tube separated into two rows, connected by a white pipe, one end connected to the car pump, one end attached to half the size of the wall of the machine, a line of blue characters on the machine Immediate effect: YAT-10-type rainwater sewage treatment equipment. The device has a computer control panel, respectively, three or four centimeters high glass flow window and medicine window, as well as a large cupola small window next to marked with 3 small print: Outfall. Beijing Hongruite Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Yuan Lisong Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Manager told reporters, according to the characteristics of rainwater, they collected the rain through a simple purification used to green irrigation and car wash two purposes, car wash water flow back to the pump pool recycling. The use of pumping station pumping rain, the main consideration to the nearest treatment principle, the treated rainwater as water reuse, greening, dust reduction, car washing, equal to open up a new water source, so than sent to the sewage treatment plant after treatment Shipping back to use more affordable. Beijing is a water-scarcer city with a water consumption per capita of about 300 cubic meters, only 1/30 of the world's water consumption per capita. However, taking Beijing's average annual rainfall of 595mm as an example, the amount of rainwater resources loss in Beijing was 21.1 billion cubic meters a year. 2003 Beijing Fengtai District City Water Conservation Office In order to further promote the use of rainwater, Beijing Municipal Engineering Management Office, Municipal Pumping Station, Beijing COFCO TST Trading Co., Ltd. and other units, to investigate the situation of Fengtai Bridge Pumping Station . According to expert statistics, the annual average rainfall in the whole city is about 600mm. From Fengtai South Bridge to Fengtai Viaduct there are 200,000 square meters of confluence area. Fengtai Bridge Pumping Station can collect 40,000 cubic meters of rainwater every year. The amount of 61200 tons, into the municipal pipeline is a pity. The green lawn area also need water every year 10,000 cubic meters. If we can make use of pumping stations to collect rainwater and achieve automatic sprinkler irrigation in the bridge area, it will not only save water, but also purify the air in the bridge area to beautify the environment. At the same time can build a rainwater comprehensive utilization of car wash, service community. According to the information provided by the Municipal Municipal Engineering Administration Municipal Pumping Station, as of the end of 2004, 70 municipal-level pumping stations managed by Beijing Municipal Administration of Engineering managed a total of 70 rainwater pumping stations with a total catchment area of ​​3.17 square kilometers. In 2004, The volume of 191.25 million cubic meters, equivalent to a Kunming Lake water storage, the use of considerable potential. If all the rainwater collected by these pumping stations can be utilized, it will greatly ease the water shortage situation in Beijing. Thus, from 2001 onwards, Beijing Municipal Engineering Management Office for the effective use of rainwater, organized Municipal Pumping Station and Beijing Hongruitexing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing COFCO TST Trading Co., Ltd. and other units of rainwater utilization research team in the wide Yingtan Pumping Station, Zuo'andonglu Pumping Station, Fengtai Bridge Pumping Station and Zhongguancun North Second Street Pumping Station for comprehensive utilization of rainwater and has gained a lot of practical experience. They build a larger catchment near the pumping station or below the greenfield. "It is best to consider the rain catchment issue prior to designing and constructing the rainwater pumping station. Calculate the size of the catchment pool based on the annual rainwater harvesting statistics You can also use the water around the pumping station as a catchment, such as the park's lakes, community landscape water. "Manager Yuan Lisong said. The initial rain due to erosion of the road and the pipe, the water quality is not good, you can consider into the rainwater pipe drain away. Rainwater treatment should be based on the situation of rain and flood water, according to local conditions, seek truth from facts, the use of higher processing efficiency, lower energy consumption, lower investment, lower operating costs, with a good technical process, the water quality can be better when the physical and chemical processes. "We are using an ultrafiltration process at the Fengtai Bridge pumping station, which is specially selected filter media and is suitable for intercepting the tiny alum that forms after the rainwater effluent and efficient coagulant react, greatly reducing the According to reports, after filtering the water quality particles to drinking water indicators, less than 1NTU turbidity, less than 5 degrees of color, water quality is clear, transparent, can be used Landscaping water, car wash water. In the water quality is good pump station, for example: LaiGuangYing pumping station, North Second Street pumping station, the use of physical and chemical process of rainwater, water quality is also fully meet the greening, dust, car wash water needs. "So this rainwater collection system Economically in the end is not worth it? Yuan Lisong manager told reporters calculations, the use of tap water as green water, a ton of water price of 3 yuan, operating costs 3 yuan / ton, 10,000 tons of water needs 60,000 yuan; and the use of rain green, water, not money , Only 0.65 yuan per ton of water for electricity, operating costs 0.35 yuan / ton, the entire equipment operating costs at 1 yuan / ton, the total price of only 10,000 yuan. The entire system investment is relatively low, with 10 tons of water per hour, the size of the treatment, for example, the entire ultra-filtration equipment only needs 350,000 yuan, housing construction needs 710,000 yuan. In addition to green water, rainwater harvesting systems have also become an important source of revenue. "Our stormwater utilization project is still in its infancy, so we only supply our own car wash stations, which wash 50,000 to 60,000 cars annually and use 10,000 cubic meters of rainwater every year. More than 5,000 cubic meters, the excess water can also be used for other units of dust, green, landscape water. "It will take about 10 years to recover the cost." Fengtai Bridge Pumping Station Integrated Utilization of Rainwater After the completion of the project, it can save more than 15,000 cubic meters of water every year and 7500 square meters of green lawn irrigation can save 50,000 yuan. Only purify the air to beautify the environment can become a new Fengtai District. At the same time, the use of rainwater and greening can be extended to other industries and regions, it is very meaningful. Yuan Lisong manager pointed out that rainwater utilization project is a comprehensive system engineering, the need for a unified planning, design, construction, operation, supervision and management. This kind of public welfare projects, although relatively low in cost, have a long cycle of cost recovery and are difficult to see in a short period of time. This requires the government to give much help and encouragement in the early stage of the project. And this kind of "dependent on the weather" project, the economic efficiency is relatively low, the government needs to formulate some supportive policies to protect the normal operation of the company. He told reporters that the current implementation of the project is led by the government, while the company is also trying to strengthen the outward sales of water, increase economic efficiency. Wen Wen reporter

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