Home inspection issues

1. Kitchen Flue: Fire smoke after ignition with a paper roll and place about ten centimeters below the mouth of the flue to see if the smoke rises to the mouth of the flue.
2, bathroom ventilation: Ventilation should be left under the ceiling. When you stay on the ceiling, you need to check the hand light to see if it has installability. At the same time, use the law to measure the pumping force. Check the presence of construction waste with a flashlight in the flue and vent.
3. Pipeline gas: Put the smoked paper roll in the vicinity of the alarm device to see if the alarm device is sensitive, and the alarm sound and light prompts to close the air intake solenoid valve at the same time. If it does not work, it will be repaired in time; after the check-in, it will be difficult to maintain or even remove the hanging cupboard because of the overall kitchen cabinet.
4. Hollowing: Put a few layers of paper on the hand hammer (to avoid leaving a hammer mark) and hit the wall to check the empty wall. Special steel needle hammer (10g) measuring wall tiles, floor tiles empty drum.
5, inspection:
A. Check Outlet: Five sockets are respectively inserted into the sockets with indicators. When the light is on, it indicates that there is electricity. At this time, the socket switch inside the main switch box is pulled down (marked), and the indicator light is off. Frequent tests are performed. Proof of the switch, good wiring, and socket safety. If the switch is pulled down and the socket indicator is still on or blinking, it indicates that there are problems with the switch quality or the wiring is wrong. Repair it immediately, otherwise the power could not be cut off in a timely manner and endanger life. Sockets are also used to test whether the ground insulation is good.
B. Each branch switch in the switch box should be clearly marked. If not or not clear, correct it immediately.
C. The switch in the switch box should be installed firmly. Each must be shaken and checked carefully. If it is found to be loose, it should be fastened or replaced. Otherwise, there will be even greater danger if there is poor contact and fire in future use.
D. Check the cable socket and broadband socket, and check whether they are inserted or not inserted.
E. Check the number of weak outlets: The number of broadband outlets varies by unit type: for example, there should be at least 2 rooms in 2 rooms and 2 rooms, 3 rooms in 3 rooms and 2 rooms, and there should be more than one cable outlet.
F. Check whether the video intercom and emergency call buttons are working properly.
G, check the entrance doorbell: with 2 (or 4) 5th battery test doorbell. Whether it does not ring or ring.
6, cat's eye: After entering the home to observe the cat's eyes, whether loose, not clear, incomplete vision or due to the phenomenon of foreign bodies can not see clearly, repair or replacement.
7. Measure height: Check the roof with a box ruler and take 4-5 points to make measurements. If the values ​​are the same, for example, the height of the room is 2.7m (or 2.65m), indicating that the roof or ground is not inclined.
8. Measure the wall surface: Use a long ruler (or a special ruler with a level), and check the surface by the wall surface to see if there is a scratch crack and if there is a crack on the wall (Blast point: Lime is ripe. When lime is not evenly stirred, it will form a burst point when applied to the wall.)
9, measuring the quality of latex paint: whether the wall ceiling is flat, when the surrounding light is dark with high-power light bulbs (200 watts) irradiation, lights lit, the wall ceiling is immediately smooth through the light shadow to see if not flat, to re-repair putty brush Paint, can not be partial paint, will produce differences with the original color of the wall.
10. Mirror: Use a mirror to put it on the top of the door and the bottom of the door. Check if the paint is visible in the places that are not visible at all. If it is the door of the bathroom, the paint on the top and bottom is not fully brushed. For a long time, due to the damp environment, the usage rate of the bathroom is high, which will cause premature erosion of the bottom of the door.
11, the facade of the waistline is generally in the 1st to the 2nd floor, between the 4th and the 5th floor, the rainy day must take a look to see if it will leak. When it rains, check whether the home window seal is tight and whether there is leakage. If so, promptly make repairs.
12. Are there window screens in the corridor windows? Don't worry about not belonging to your own home. If not, you should promptly make recommendations. At the same time pay attention to whether the stair step and the handrail meet the requirements (the “house design specification” clearly stipulates).
13, check the security door: whether scratches, whether the deformation of the door, the door and the box is tightly sealed, the door and the lock switch should be flexible.
14, the internal door check leveling deformation: the door open, the eyes meet the door to see whether the front and rear door line overlap, if the door line is not heavy and, for example, there is a corner tilt, must be replaced, the future deformation is more serious; close the door after viewing the gap Uniform and suitable; door and lock switch should be flexible; also use a dedicated level meter to measure the vertical installation of the door.
15. Windows: Sliding windows and screens and window sashes on windows should promote the flexibility of the switches and avoid collisions. There should be an anti-blocking cap on the window frame outside the window to prevent foreign matter from blocking and affecting the drainage, leading to water in the window when it rains. Hollow double-glazed glass is not clean inside or outside, because the inner layer of the double-glazed glass is dirty, and the glass is contaminated when it is installed. At this time, the new glass should be removed or replaced, otherwise it will not be easy to solve later. Also use a dedicated level meter to measure the vertical installation of the window. All external doors and windows should have screen doors and screen windows. Windows facing the passage and the ground floor outside should have a security net.
16, check the pipe installation, open and sealed: shake the heating pipe and the water pipe by hand, should be firmly fixed. If loose, fix it again. Check whether the drainage is smooth with the large water valve (otherwise the water pipe is blocked by the construction waste). At the same time, use the toilet paper to wipe the bottom of the upper and lower pipes to see if there is any leakage.
17. The ventilation window area of ​​the bedroom and the living room is one-twentieth of the use area. For example, if the indoor area is 30m2, then the open window area should be 1.5m2;
18, kitchen ventilation window area is one-tenth of the use of the area, such as the kitchen room area of ​​10m2, then the opening of the window area should be 1m2, and not less than 0.6 square meters. Failed to meet the substandard (national standard "residential design specification" ). The kitchen exhaust hole has a diameter of 15cm and cannot be installed when the hood is not reached.
19, the kitchen and bathroom are tiled to the top, to check the Yin Yang angle of 90 degrees (top corners and four corners of the ground), no damage to the corners, no bumps in the corners, brick floor tiles without deformation cracking and hollowing. Scratching the floor tiles and wall tiles with a hammer, there is an empty sound, indicating that there is no laying, so that for a long time the tiles may crack and fall off and should be re-layed.
20, closed water test (24 hours later, see if there will be water seepage phenomenon), water meter idling test: (important test items)
There is a bathroom in the bathroom on the 1st floor. There may be a small amount of dirty rain downstairs in the bathroom. This is because the waterproof is not done well upstairs. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate with the upstairs when inspecting the house and do a good job of closing the water test. .
The specific approach is, in the upstairs and their own bathroom with plastic bags installed sand, all the floor drain plugged, and then filled with water to maintain 24-48 hours, downstairs toilet no leakage, indicating that waterproof qualified.
2 open upstairs tap water valve when the water should be the maximum amount of water, hurry to see their own water meter, water meter does not run, indicating that the water meter is qualified, because there have been other people's home water, their own water meter to help run the phenomenon, indicating that the meter is not qualified, must replace.
3 After the water-retaining test is over, lift the sandbag on the floor drain and let the water out. Then observe that after the water is completely drained, there is still water on the floor, indicating that the ground is not flat. All the floor tiles in the water must be removed. Lay the tiles after waterproofing until no water is present.
There is also a closed water test on the balcony where the water comes and goes. Do not be afraid of trouble, otherwise soon after entering the house, there will be water seepage problems, and then the solution will be troublesome.
21, bathroom:
1 Toilets with windows in the corridor should be equipped with security nets.
2 The bathroom has no windows and ventilation holes should be provided. Vent hole diameter 10cm, located under the ceiling. The closest outlet from the vent should be 1.5m and it is a waterproof socket.
3 When no 0.02m2 ventilation shutters are left on the bathroom door, a gap of 3cm should be left under the door (National Standard "Residential Design Code")
22, radiator:
1 There should be a bleeder valve above the radiator. Before use, it should be twisted to release the gas. If you can't fix it, you need to fix it, otherwise the air won't come out and the radiator won't be hot.
2 Also note that the radiators are firmly installed and cannot be loosened; the slopes of the inlet and return pipes should meet the requirements, otherwise the heating effect will be affected.
23, basement:
The indoor clear height is 2M, and the national standard “Residential Design Specification” has provisions. Interior structural beams or pipes that affect the use of space should be given price compensation.
Grasp the best home inspection process is very important
Source: "Zhengzhou Evening News" version B04
How to accurately grasp the best process of inspection? Can be considered from the following aspects:
1. First, in the property company's inspection, asking for "two books and one form" ("residential quality guarantee", "residential use manual," "completed acceptance record form") to prove that the district has indeed reached the delivery conditions, with the owner of the house to the conditions;
2. The owner commissions a professional or home inspector to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the quality of the house;
3. The Owner shall form a written document (inspection house report) on a number of quality problems existing in the inspection, submit an application for rectification and maintenance to the developer and the property company, and sign and confirm it by the recipient;
4. Developers and property companies shall negotiate with the landlord after receiving the application from the landlord and come up with suggestions for improvement, solutions or written rectification agreements;
5. In accordance with the contents of rectification of the agreement to resolve the problems existing in the submission of the housing, and cannot be resolved within 15 days, the two parties shall reach a written agreement on the resolution of the solution and the deadline;
6. After the completion of the house rectification and maintenance, the owner signs the "responsive transfer order" to handle the handover procedure;
7. Pay various property, deeds, and maintenance fund fees;
8. The owner started the interior renovation.

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