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Project name, unit price, quantity, quantity distribution (for example, the number of wall tiles is 50 square meters. The quantity distribution column should indicate the number of partitions for kitchen, bathroom, and balcony, so that when you buy bricks, you can buy them in different colors and different specifications. The brick decoration team receives a different paving fee.) The craft description (that is, the money decoration team you give is what to do, the extent to which it is done, the finer the better, the dispute will not arise in the future, and the most standard explanation is The decoration association's out can be copied on the wall of the designer salon of the Blue Belle Lijia of the Dazhong Temple. It is recommended not to copy it. The nerds are too heavy to buy your account. The questions to be noted in this table are: The unit price can't be changed, but the quantity should be settled by the actual construction quantity. The decoration company will usually falsely report the quantity when it is settled. Therefore, you must postpone the striker, first cut down the unit price, check the actual quantity, and watch. Do not speak in imaginary numbers, then invite him for settlement at the time of settlement, and end up with real numbers. Do not say more than one sentence, and don't give one more point. Some engineering projects you didn't want to do or do not do, do several (such as package pipelines ), First set the unit price, write it, in the quantity column Note: "According to the actual project quantity settlement", so that the other party will ask for the price when you add the project. According to the actual experience, the items that cannot be assessed in the budget are: the number of lamps, the number of light steel keel packages, the gypsum board guarantee The number of, dark/surface mounted circuits, the number of waterways (length), the number of dumb mouths (sometimes you want to make a good place for the door, last thought, or a good mouth, or vice versa.), the number of various cabinets ( Square meters) etc. This budget statement is not only for you to see, but also to move into the renovation contract as it is, because the budget is sacred, it is used to implement, and you and the decoration company must work together to coordinate! The decoration company looking for does not agree with you to do so, so change it!

The second part of the budget statement is the money you are going to give to the store.

This table has nothing to do with the decoration contract. However, it should always be held with the workers to communicate. This table is divided into two types, one is under the form of clearing and cleaning, I do not intend to write, because it needs a The capacity of the booklet, and secondly, the procurement ability of myself as the owner cannot reach the level of the cleansing and cleaning work, and I really dare not try. Thirdly, the time spent on clearing the work occupies too much time. I like to purchase all the materials within two days. , and then each time I arrive at the site, I spend a lot of time measuring, designing, reworking, and then replacing the purchased materials for replacement. This has been a headache for me. The second is common, according to industry practice you need to buy The bill of materials (printed horizontally on A4 paper), headers and examples are as follows:
Product Name Specification Budget Unit Price Quantity Amount Usage/Function Purchase Unit Price/Amount Precautions (Ask workers in advance about the requirements related to the installation, and tell the worker's statement in the shop so as not to buy the wrong one)
Long faucet with mixing water 80 1 80 Kitchen basin with 70

Well, I use the partitions to specify what you need to buy. Unless otherwise specified, all I have written is what you have to buy. There is no way to save. Kitchen and hardcover. Things to use in other areas. When you actually buy, you can try to reduce the individual price, but you can't reduce the item!

One. Balcony

1. Nano-elastic curved track and accessories, 8 yuan per meter
2. Good wife clothes pole (200 yuan) or fixed clothes pole (50 yuan), window screen;
3. Wall tiles (with kitchen or culture bricks), tiles or floors,
4. Sealant with the same color or near-color or contrast color of wall and floor tiles, 15 yuan per sachet, 30-40 yuan for large box, see the packaging area for the brushing area. The color of high-grade building materials city is relatively complete.
5. Ceiling lights or artistic chandeliers;
6. wall outlet, switch (in the hardware store with 6-7CM long screws, two for each switch, because the thickness of the wall after the tile increases, the original screw can not be used),
7. Wall hooks or shelves, carts, etc., used to hang paintings, store or hang some dishes, onions, garlic, dry clothes and so on.

II. Kitchen:

1. Wall tiles, floor tiles, waistline (can not be), tile (3, 4 pieces), stone or porcelain skirting board (each 7 yuan and waterproof glue - plastic tyrants - about 20 yuan a barrel (if rectangular kitchen , With a wall exposed, we need this kind of thing to cover up greasy nausea, dirty black walls with black seams; caulking agent; door or dumb mouth (for a whole cabinet (650/mm - infinity), containing at least one Group of three drawers; range hood (700-1500 yuan, stove 700-1500 yuan), payment to the cabinet factory: <drawer basket: 180-300/, rod: 100-150 yuan/support, glass 50 Yuan/tablet, 80 to 120 bins inside the bin,> at least two sets of sauce racks/baskets, one set of sugar salt and MSG, one set of soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, single/double-hole basin + downpipe Components + drain basket (300-600 yuan / month) supporting faucet + hot and cold water pipes,: 80-200 yuan; if the faucet is far from the inlet, you need to purchase two additional tubes for long, good, not the second, each Root more than ten yuan; eight words valve, better, 10 yuan -30 yuan / month, buy two 4 points on the silk, to copper, 2 yuan each, need 2; stainless steel hook frame, above the hook has 7 , you can run back and forth. If not enough, you can buy another 1 yuan 1 S hook plus (hanging shovel, spoon, Dishwasher, etc.) 25 yuan/root, 1-2 roots; Cutting board, IKEA's best, tens of yuan/block; Wood cut lettuce, plastic cut cooked food; Chopsticks rack, IKEA's very good. Take one of this year's catalogs to prepare the hand side. Switch, socket and screw; One ceiling lamp (20-100 yuan, 1-2 lamp heads, do not buy energy-saving lamps, the light is too scary) or single use with a tube lamp Cannon/lighting, embedded ceiling, I advise you as a poor chef, if the kitchen table above the cabinet, be sure to use a small downlight just above the ceiling to make up a column of light, or a small tube embedded in the bottom of the cabinet Lights or long-mirror headlights. If there is an empty wall above, use a small downlight just above the ceiling to make up a column of light, or add a wall light or a probe-type mirror headlight. The chef is almost slave and praises the light. She must buy it before paving the bricks, and set up a lamp on the wall so that the circuit can be buried in the dark! Currently popular is the Optronics brand; downlights (ordinary bulbs) for 20 yuan each, with spotlights 4,50 yuan, spotlight bulbs 3-5 yuan each, 35W one, mirror headlights 5,60 yuan, 35W, buy a few bulbs when the way to buy lights. Heating a few hundred dollars

3. Toilets, assuming dry and wet zones:

Dry area: Tiles, skirting board, sealant, rubber tyrant, dumb mouth (for door factory order) Plastic steel door (pulled 220-300/ square meter, flat open expensive, the more expensive the better) or plastic door (that is, the steel-lined steel door is removed) 500 yuan/樘; cabinet-type sink or pedestal basin, the former 600 yuan -1500 - infinity; the latter 200 yuan -600, suitable for smaller spaces, can also be customized in the cabinet factory Washbasin, artificial stone countertops with a counter basin or a counter basin, Price: pot 200-300 yuan / only, the cabinet per linear meter = upper and lower cabinet price X80%; basin faucet, eight-word valve, hot and cold water inlet pipe , See the section on the wire and other kitchens; Mirror one (100-300 yuan) Mirror headlight or wall lamp; Buy before the paving, set a good position; Mirror glass bracket one (20-200, the more Shen better; towel bar one The root (20-200), the more the better the sink; Washing machine faucet: 20 yuan; Washing machine floor drain: 30-60 yuan / month;

Wet area: Tiles, etc. As mentioned above; Can not be kicked, because the ground to do slope, can not be paved. An electric water heater, 600-1500, installation will receive an additional charge of 100 yuan or more, to charge a good piece , Do not free the second piece, the shape before the form, size and installation position, in order to bury the water pipes, reserved joints. Toilets: 400-1000; Traditional modeling, spacious and good, all kinds of people at home can feel Be careful to carefully measure the distance between the tiled wall and the outer edge of the downpipe (near the wall) before you buy it. When you buy it, turn it upside down so that you do not install it or the tank is too far from the wall; buy two The flush button is used to save water. When buying it, it must be free of charge: 1 in the water pipe (Ask the worker. If the outlet port is too far away from the seat, you will need to have a longer 60 cm. For it will receive your money, a word valve, a sealing ring at the bottom of a flange; a toilet paper holder, a closed shaft with better, there are two major categories of metal and plastic, waterproof, high-grade paper Or take off the shaft and put the shaftless paper, the installation height must first sit on the toilet and try it by hand, 10-100 yuan one; Concealed water One of the faucets (140-200 yuan); There are a variety of water outlets for shower heads (50-150 yuan/root) with adjustable levers. You can buy low-price and high-quality products (such as original Bosch) from water heater installers. Towel rack (80-200 yuan), triangular glass bracket, 40 yuan / month, 1-2, bath shampoo, etc.; stainless steel hook, 4,50 yuan / root, on the wall near the door , Used to hang dry clothes when bathing, Mop faucet (handle slightly longer than ordinary faucet can be), 15-20 yuan a, do not buy porcelain mop pool, very stupid, dirty, mop unobstructed for years on the toilet unsanitary , With rectangular and high-grade mop supporting plastic barrel can be, there is a drain tray, can be placed on the balcony with mop together for many years; Heating a group, a few hundred dollars can be, ceiling lamp or waterproof downlight, bath can be Stainless steel deodorant floor drain one, step on the closed, and then step on the open water, 50-60 yuan a; socket, switch (multi-key), exhaust fan (if no bath) one, more than 100 yuan, the more expensive more The better the silence.

Four. Living room/bedroom:

1. Lights, like what kind of what to install, the cheapest is fluorescent: 30 yuan/root, if possible, the main lights can be simple or not, use table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, and even reading lamps on bookcases. Designers love long-necked lamps. The more these lights are used, the more places you use your eyes and the more knowledge! The family atmosphere will be very strong. The decoration company will help you with a bunch of lights to make money. The pool, with a lot of spotlights, will only make your home look like a high-class shop, and you and your family will be treated as jewelry in the showcase. I think this is very vulgar. The more dizzier and more expensive, the truth is that it is very efficacious when lighting. The switch that matches the lamp, the splitter or the dimmer switch (both can achieve the dimming effect of light and dark, the former adjusts energy consumption at the same time, the latter Do not);

2. For curtain rods or curtain rails X and matching curtains, the principle of choice: if curtains are added to the curtains, it is better to use double rails, 10 yuan per meter, and buy the window width plus 60 cm; after the curtain box is made, it will be inserted into the top; The wall is very fitting; if it is not gauze, rails and rods can be used. Practice has proved that: The curtain on the double-bar window is not fit to the wall, so it is difficult to see;

3. No trace hooks for paintings, a few dollars for a few plates, painting stalls for sale, white, after removal, there are only a few small holes in the wall. Large paintings use large, small paintings with small.

4. Door and door fittings. At present, the decoration company has no advantage in doing the door. Usually the decoration company will make door covers for itself and then buy the door in the low-grade building materials city. The paint is easy to install. The quality is very low! The color is very small, only The poor four or five species cannot meet our individual needs. It is recommended that outsourcing doors and door covers; no matter where you do the door to buy, accessories need to buy it yourself: Door locks: What to buy, what shape it is, and The color should match the style and color of the door, the door lock is better, the main function of the interior door is the handle, so there is no need to spend money, 40-80 yuan is a good one, the cylinder can not be used several times a year The door hinge first selects the color, it will match the door and the lock, and then choose the quality, the heavier the better, open to try its bearings, it is best to try it on the door, this is not possible, then buy As expensive as possible; (20 - several hundred dollars a pair) Door stopper: 15-30 yuan a, magnet suction type, color and hinges, to prevent the door open when touching the wall; door only: can open the door Fix it at any angle to prevent it from being blown by the wind, this thing is less used, door handles (handslide) and latches, and some doors are pushed by the toilet Sliding door without a door lock, use the handle, be sure to select a large degree of arch (or opening), pulling more comfortable, bolts to be of good quality, the decoration team to do the sliding door outside the plastic door but also own to buy the track, buy a little better It's easy to use;

5. When the cabinets of various cabinets are used by the decoration team as cabinets, some of the original and auxiliary materials such as plates, paints, corner pieces, expansion bolts, and pneumatic gun pins are all provided by the decoration team; Things that the owner himself needs to buy are: The pipe hinges are divided into three types: embedded, semi-sealed, and totally enclosed, to suit different door types, to design a good model together with the workers to buy; a door to buy a pair; a couple of dollars, good A couple of dozens of dollars, often bought on the open to buy; 2 pull handles and screws, what they like to buy, pay attention, the matching screws may be too short, may need to purchase an additional 2.5 cm long screws. 3 glass tray: use To hold the shelves, a shelf of two pairs, very cheap; 4. Drawer drawers: There are many lengths, structural specifications, usually divided into domestic and imported prices, often used to buy imported, very lightweight; Asked the workers to buy clearly; More than ten yuan - tens of yuan a pair; 5. Drawer pull ring, placed in the drawer, one or two dollars, if it is exposed to buy clean and expensive expensive; Drawer lock, to good quality If you don't, you won't be able to take out your passbook.

6. Others:
1) Glass glue: Two kinds of transparent, porcelain white, a few dollars together, buy a few more and prepare, buy yourself a glue gun, also a few dollars, learn to glue, all kinds of decoration Joints of materials can be sealed with this glue;
2) raw materials with a few boxes of a few dollars;
3) masks, gas masks, activated carbon, shower caps or ponchos, these are all prepared for you, because if you monitor the life of the oil worker and the cabinet factory, you and your beautiful clothes will be very Miserable.
4) A few kilograms of cotton yarn and a few small towels. This kind of thing should have been bought by the decoration team itself. However, they like to use it, dirty it repeatedly, and in order to cherish your family, you will buy it;
5) If there is a wallpaper project, you must bring your own: wallpaper knife and blade (10 yuan), clean towel, scraper (2 yuan), good quality roller brush (10 yuan or more), plastic, a box of 25 yuan, Can brush 20 square meters, clean basin;
6) 200W bulbs, 1.5 yuan a, a room, usually should be bought by the decoration team, sometimes they are too lazy to buy, will work in the dark, there will be quality problems, then you buy, Something about money.
7) Sets of scrapers, brushes and small cutters for oil workers. You use them. After leaving the brigade, you will leave a lot of spare material. You need to make a hole here, fill in the seams, and brush there. Paint, remove dust, if you can wait for them to come back to work, wait, if not, it's fun.

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