What are the precautions for concrete hollow block construction

With the progress of the times, technology is also constantly developing, and the building technology has also improved a lot. For example, there is currently a new type of building material, concrete blocks, which is deeply loved by consumers. The use of concrete hollow blocks not only improves the quality of the house, but also improves the construction efficiency. So what is a hollow concrete block ? What are the precautions for concrete hollow block construction? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What is a concrete hollow block

The concrete hollow block is made of sand, cement and other materials, and its hollow ratio reaches 25% to 50%. Secondly, the application range of concrete hollow blocks is very wide, which can be used in various buildings such as high-rise buildings or bridges, and it also has the effect of earthquake resistance.

2. Matters needing attention in the construction of concrete hollow blocks

1. First, choose products of reliable quality. Secondly, the curing period of concrete hollow blocks must reach more than one month in spring, summer and autumn. If it is winter, it should be extended. This can reduce the shrinkage of concrete hollow blocks on the wall, where two rows of holes can be used for two-hundred-thick walls, and three rows of holes can be used for two-hundred-thick walls.

2. Dry concrete hollow blocks cannot be damp before construction and must be placed indoors. If it is placed outdoors, a drainage ditch should be set around it, and it should be covered with a rain cover when it rains. In addition, the damped blocks can not be constructed, and they can only be constructed after they are dry, and cannot be constructed on rainy days.

3. Concrete hollow blocks are different from ordinary bricks. For example, it is not necessary to wet the block before construction, otherwise it will increase its shrinkage rate. Secondly, when it is used to build a load-bearing wall, block treatment should be carried out first, and no phenomenon of through joints can occur. At the same time, solid bricks can be used for the walls used for filling.

4. When building walls, one layer can not be built to the top, and the height of a day cannot exceed 1.5 meters, so the effect will be better. Secondly, the construction angle is 55 degrees. The inclined bricks can be tightly packed with cement inclined bricks. The mortar must be full.

5. In addition to ensuring that the horizontal gray seam is full during construction, the head seam must also be full. For example, the blocks are erected first, then covered with mortar and then turned over, then hit with a hammer. The loose blocks must be removed and rebuilt.

Editor's summary: Through the above introduction to the concrete hollow block and analysis of precautions, I hope to bring help to my friends. In addition, during construction, the building parts must be cleaned first, and water cannot be poured. At the same time, in order to ensure the construction quality, blocks with cracks, fractures, etc. must not be used.

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