There is a lot of knowledge in buying E0 plates

There are many types of plates on the market, although some plates are environmentally friendly, but the price is too high, such as solid wood. Once the plate is not selected, it has the greatest harm to the body. Today we will dissect the board to see how to distinguish between different board types and what are the characteristics of different boards, why choose a good E0 board and why it still has a great taste.

The main boards are divided into: joinery board, particle board, ecological board, density board, multi-layer board, finger joint board, etc. I will introduce them one by one.

Blockboard: Also known as a large core board, the interior is made up of one piece of solid wood splicing, with the least amount of glue.

Ecological board: The wooden pattern is pasted on the basis of the fine wood board, which has two more layers of glue than the joinery board, and the melamine skin.

Solid wood particle board: It is a kind of particle board. The interior is made of small broken saw blocks. It uses more glue than fine wood boards. The surface is also covered with a layer of melamine.

OSB board: a kind of particle board, which transforms small pieces of sawn pieces into flakes, with no skin on the surface, and the amount of glue is similar to solid wood particle board.

Multi-layer board: also known as plywood, also into 3-9 PCT board, multi-layer solid wood veneer is laminated together, and the amount of glue is between fine wood and particle board.

Density board: It is made of powdered wood mixed with glue, with the largest amount of glue, which can be used for concave and convex shapes. Many cabinet doors are density boards.

Finger-joined board: integrated board, made of solid wood blocks, without skin, can be shaped, and the amount of glue is almost the same as that of fine wood boards.

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