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One , emergency call for help

1.110 alarm call

Found criminal, public order cases and cases endangering public safety and personal property and disrupting public work, learning and life order, should promptly call 110 calls.

Emergency points >>>

● When found fighting, theft, robbery, rape, murder and other criminal and security cases, should call the police. If the situation is urgent, can not be timely warning, the suspect should be in uniform or out of danger after, the police immediately.

● Found drowning , falling buildings , suicide , the elderly , children or mentally handicapped persons , the loss of mental patients , the public is in isolation from danger , water , electricity , gas , heat and other dangerous public facilities , can call 1lO alarm .

Expert Tips >>>

â—† 110 free telephone calls , coin , magnetic cards and other public telephones can call directly .

â—† Please clearly explain the time , location , your name and contact information, etc. of the incident . If you are not familiar with the incident , you can provide buildings with obvious signs near the scene , large-scale sites , bus stops , and unit names. .

â—† After the police, to protect the scene, so that the police arrived at the scene to extract evidence, traces.

â—†When a minor encounters a criminal case, he should first protect himself .

2.119 Fire alarm call

Found that the fire should be promptly dial 119 fire alarm phone .

Emergency points >>>

● When you call 119, you must accurately report the fire position. If you do not know the name of the place on fire, it should say as clearly as possible around the obvious signs, such as buildings and so on.

● Try to clear the situation the fire site, fire materials, size of the fire, if someone trapped etc., should also be sent at the main intersection waiting truck.

● before the fire engines arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire early should try to avoid the spread of fire spreading. Should pay attention to their own safety when fighting

Expert Tips >>>

â—† 119 free telephone bills , coin , magnetic card and other public telephones can dial directly .

â—† 119 should also participate in other disasters or accidents rescue work , including the rescue of various dangerous chemical spills , floods , wind disasters , earthquakes and other major natural disasters rescue and disaster relief . Air crashes and major accident rescue , building collapse accident Emergency rescue such as emergency rescue and terrorist attacks, rescue assistance for units and people when they are in distress .

â—† How to use the fire extinguisher : The portable dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing oil , combustible gas , electrical equipment and other initial fires . When used , first open the insurance pin , hold the nozzle in one hand , aim at the fire source , and pull the ring with another hand . to fire. suitable portable foam fire extinguishers and extinguishing the fire early general oil substance, in use, the hand holding the extinguisher bails, smoothly, and quickly put into fire, do not carry transverse, cross-holding, when the fire, hand holding the bails, one hand holding the bottom edge of the barrel, reversed extinguisher nozzle on the fire source, shaken vigorously several times, to fire. Fight portable precision instruments suitable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, electronic equipment and 600 volts the following electrical beginning of the fire, in use, one hand holding the handle Pentong, tear seals the other hand, the counterclockwise rotation of the hand wheel, to open the switch, i.e. the carbon dioxide gas will be discharged.

3.112 traffic accident call

Traffic accidents or traffic dispute, call 122 or 110 calls.

Emergency points >>>

● When calling 122 or 110, must accurately report the location and staff of the accident, the vehicle injury is the case.

● Both sides agreed that an accident can be resolved, the vehicle should be moved to a place not impeding traffic in the negotiation process; other accidents, the need to change the scene, the scene of the accident must be marked with the location, the vehicle is moved to the location does not interfere with traffic, waiting for the traffic police handling .

● When you encounter a traffic accident and escape the vehicle , you should remember the license plate number of the vehicle . If you do not see the vehicle license plate number , you should write down the main features of the vehicle model and color .

● In case of casualties caused by traffic accidents , call the l2O emergency assistance phone immediately , and do not destroy the site and casually move the injured .

Expert Tips >>>

â—† 122 free telephone bills , coin , magnetic cards and other public telephones can dial directly .

â—† Finding traffic police to deal with traffic accidents is the best solution . Before the traffic police arrives at the scene , they should pay attention to the protection of the scene .

4.120 Medical Emergency Call

When you need emergency services , you can call 120 emergency assistance calls .

Emergency points >>>

● After the phone call, the patient should make it clear where the orientation, age, gender and condition. If you do not know the exact address, should indicate the general direction, such as the street where, in which direction and so on.

● As far as possible to illustrate the patient's typical onset performance , such as chest pain , unclear consciousness , vomiting blood , vomiting , breathing difficulties .

● Whenever possible explanation time patient illness or injury such as accidental injury, damage to nature, such as electric shock, explosions, landslides, drowning, fires, poisoning, traffic accidents, and report the location and the victim injury.

● Describe your special needs as much as possible , understand the approximate time the ambulance arrived , and prepare to pick up the car .

Expert Tips >>>

â—† 120 free telephone bills , coin , magnetic cards and other public telephones can call directly .

â—† If you know the patient's medical history provided to the emergency personnel reference should call emergency services.

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