[accident] Renovation worker holding nail gun without goggles 15 mm long nail into the right eye

On National Day holiday, decoration worker Chen did not rest. At noon on the 6th, he skillfully loaded nails into nail guns. He never expected that the nails would be shot into his right eye at a later time. His relatives and friends quickly sent him to a hospital in Fuzhou.

The doctor slowly cleans and stabs the wound for him as he pulls the nail from the wound of Xiaochen to avoid the eye contents and vitreous outflow. The nails were 15 mm long and 5 mm thick. Fortunately, they did not rust. Now, Chen is still hospitalized for eye anti-infective treatment and is expected to be temporarily discharged after another week. He will be re-admitted to the hospital for intraocular lens implantation after a slight recovery in his right eye.

The doctor said that she has been employed for 45 years and she has successively consulted 45 or more decoration workers accidentally nailed by nail guns and nails. These decoration workers have a common problem, that is, in the process of negligence, do not wear goggles. Doctors reminded that decoration workers or residents nailing at home, in advance to pay attention to the protection of the eyes. In the event that foreign matter gets into your eyes, seek medical attention immediately and do not pull it out with your hands to avoid causing more damage to your eyes.

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