Dry goods: cleaning and maintenance of cabinet panels

Once the cabinet's panel is dirty, it is affecting the mood of the housewives. It will certainly not be delicious without cooking. Today, Xiaobian teaches you how to maintain and clean the cabinet cabinet panels in your home. Page
1 paint cabinet maintenance collision avoidance is the most important paint cabinet not only bright color, easy scrub, and the surface finish and fire resistance is also very good, so very popular with people, but what method can better maintain it? Take a look at the following.

Panel maintenance: Do a good job of "three defenses" often waxing and scratching: Paint film thickness on the door surface of about 0.3mm, fear of bumps and scratches, but it is difficult to repair damage, to replace the whole. Therefore, care should be taken when using it, and the surface of the door should be avoided during the use. Anti-collision: In the course of using the paint door, it should try to avoid hitting the door panel, pay attention to the degree of opening and closing, and avoid collisions like handles. The paint film quality of high-quality paint cabinet door panels is about 2H, that is, the weight of 10 kg is hung on the surface of the door panel, the door panel may appear pits, and the door panel paint film will not appear large-scale shedding. Anti-acid and alkali: The acidity and alkalinity of the paint is generally poor. In the process of use, it should be avoided to contact the surface of the paint door with acidic and alkaline substances to avoid corrosion of the paint film of the door. If soaked in the process of using soy sauce, vinegar Clean the door surface with a clean cotton cloth and a little clean water. Waxing regularly: Apply a layer of wax to the paint cabinet every 3 months. Before using wax, paint cabinets, check whether the paint surface is intact. Cleaning: Remove dirt from daily life In the daily use process, it is very difficult to avoid fumes in the kitchen. When there is fume or oil on the surface of the door, it can be wiped with detergent. Pay attention to the ratio of detergent to water = 1:10. The rags need to be clean cotton.

Page2 The key to maintenance of moisture-proof and dry-proof of solid wood cabinets Chinese people always have a soft spot for solid wood, so now more and more people buy solid wood cabinets. However, since wood is a high-end product after all, its maintenance is slightly more complicated than the maintenance of ordinary materials. We share here some solid wood cabinet maintenance methods. Anti-drying: The use of air conditioning in the home and high-power lighting in the kitchen can cause localized air drying, which may cause slight cracking in the corners of the solid wood door panel (cracking range: 0.1 to 0.2 mm). In order to avoid cracking or deformation due to moisture imbalance in the door panel, it is recommended that the clean cotton cloth be soaked and squeezed to six dry points. Evenly wipe on the opposite side of the solid wood door panel to retain proper moisture. If the air in the room is too dry, a humidifier can be added in the solid wood cabinet area. Cycle: 1~2 two days to make a water balance. The wiping cycle can be divided into one week and two weeks, depending on the specific conditions inside and outside the use environment. Anti-humidity: Avoid damp conditions. In summer, such as indoor flood, you can use thin glue to separate the cabinet from the ground, and keep the wall of the cabinet with the wall at a distance of 0.5-1cm. Keep good humidity, ideal humidity is about 40%, if you use cold air for a long time, you can put pot water next to it. The temperature difference should not be too large, to avoid continuous opening and closing of the air conditioning, causing severe temperature changes. Waxing: For solid wood cabinets, first use a fine cotton cloth to wipe the surface dust. For stains that are left for a long time or difficult to remove, use a small amount of cotton or alcohol to wipe it. Then use a small piece of cotton cloth to apply a large amount of clean wax to spread over a large area, and then use a larger piece of dry cloth to rub the wax evenly around the circumference to make no mark. Also, before waxing, remove the old wax with a milder, non-alkaline soapy water, and do not put too much wax on it, otherwise it will plug the pores of the wood. Xiao Bian Weapons: At home, depending on the frequency of use of the kitchen can be roughly divided into 3 to 5 days and 10 to 15 days to clean once. . It is recommended to select the brand liquid cleaning wax (which can be the same as solid wood floor wax), spray it onto a clean cotton cloth, and rub the cotton cloth. Note that in this section, do not spray the liquid cleaning wax directly onto the door panel to avoid temporary chromatic aberration. Daily cleaning: The surface of the door must be clean, and often use a soft cloth to dust along the wood texture. Before going to the dust, spray cleaner on the soft cloth. For newer solid wood furniture, first use a fine cotton cloth to wipe off the surface dust. For stains that are left for a long time or difficult to remove, use a small amount of cotton or alcohol to clean it. The wood is very afraid of the weapon Therefore, use a soft cotton cloth or a soft brush to wipe, avoid the use of metal brushes, hard brush or rough cloth, so as not to scratch the furniture surface. Page3 Molded plate maintenance Cabinet surface should take care of molded board cabinets rich in color, realistic wood grain, pure color monochrome, no cracking and deformation, but also has the advantages of good waterproof performance, environmental protection, modeling diversity, is the current cost-effective domestic And commonly used products. Molded cabinets generally do not require special maintenance and care during use. Just note the following points during use.

Anti-high temperature: The molded cupboard can not be in contact with or near high temperature objects for a long time. At the same time, the design body cannot be too long or too large, otherwise it is easy to deform. It is best not to smoke in the kitchen. The temperature of cigarette butts will burn the film on the surface of the board. Discoloration may occur due to high temperatures, and its fire performance is poor. Therefore, direct high temperature should be avoided during use. Blister away from high temperatures as much as possible, such as: can not directly open the door baking with open flame, so as to avoid the surface of the door off the PVC. Collision Injury: During use, to prevent the touch of hard objects, be careful not to scratch the surface of the door with a sharp object bump. Do not use a sharp object to squeeze or insert the membrane with the MDF. Do not rub the door surface with items such as steel balls. Stubborn stains: Eliminating stubborn stains, wipe off with a cleansing powder and a scouring pad. Do not scrub with high-concentration or corrosive organic solvents. Be careful not to use steel ball or rough brush to clean, so as not to damage the door. Xiao Bian Weapons: Decontamination powder can be directly sprinkled on the wet surface or first sprinkled on a wet cloth, scrubbed with water after the scrub, and then dry with a cloth, dirt set off, so that the material surface clean as new. This will remove stubborn stains, suitable for cooking stoves, ceramic tiles, stainless steel vessels, railings, aluminum alloy doors and windows, bicycles, motorcycles, plastic products. Remove oil stains: Clean it with a finely clothed cloth in everyday cleaning. Oil on the door panel can be lightly coated with a mild detergent or soapy water. Wipe with a dry cloth to remove oily stains. Use neutral detergents or Apply lightly with soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth. Do not use products that contain thinners, solvents, abrasives, and powders. Oil stains and stains on the surface are best removed within 12 hours.

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