Jujube planting new tricks

Seedling planting: The jujube cultivation mainly uses seed to breed. Before planting, it is soaked with new high-fat membrane, which can keep warm, moisturize and improve the germination rate of seeds. It should be watered frequently during fertilization, fertilizing and promoting growth.

Management after planting: The growth of jujube seedlings is slow. To strengthen the management of saplings, it is possible to control the vegetative growth of fruit trees in the growing season, and to control the growth of fruit trees, inhibit the growth of flower buds, promote flower bud differentiation, more flowering, and more fruit.

Promote flower and fruit preservation: Spraying strong fruit tiling in the period before flowering, young fruit stage and fruit expansion period can increase the fruit stalk, increase the nutrient delivery, prevent the occurrence of falling flowers, fruit drop and stiff fruit, and make fruit Beauty and taste.

Pest Control: Common pests and diseases of jujube seedlings have leaf blight and aphids. A variety of targeted drugs can be used alternately to avoid the development of drug resistance, and the addition of a new high-fat film to the agent during spraying can enhance the resistance.

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