Home renovation should pay attention to what the home improvement steps

In the renovation of new homes, many people do not understand the decoration, but each person who buys a home wants to have a beautiful and comfortable living environment through the house decoration. Therefore, what should be noticed in the housing renovation and the home improvement procedure are issues that many owners will pay attention to. . Then, let's understand with Xiao Bian.

What to pay attention to housing renovation

Don't casually wear holes in the wall

Casually inserting holes in the wall will undermine the stability of the wall. In particular, pay attention to that the load-bearing wall must not wear holes, punch holes, or install some windows or doors. This will destroy the balance of the load-bearing wall and have an impact on the earthquake resistance of the house. Serious effects will also reduce the useful life of the home.

2, to choose environmentally friendly furniture

When purchasing furniture, try to choose environmentally-friendly furniture and create a green home environment. A healthy body is the most important. When purchasing lamps, one must meet the atmosphere of the entire home. If the home space is not large, try not to buy chandelier and other lamps that take up a lot of space, and try to buy glass, stainless steel, etc., do not buy any coating or paint Lighting to prevent discoloration and unsightly appearance.

3, the toilet should pay attention to waterproof

Waterproof is mainly to pay attention to the bathroom, because the bathroom will be very wet, be sure to go through the test to ensure that the bathroom does not leak, and then carry out other installations, but also need to pay attention to the bathroom as far as possible not to install the switch.

4, building materials should pay attention to waterproof moisture

Especially in summer, building materials are prone to dampness. We must pay attention to the moisture-proofing of building materials, such as cement. Try not to place them directly on the ground.

House renovation steps

1, pre-design

Mainly designed according to their own living habits, and a detailed measurement of their own room, we should not be lazy, it is best to personally measure it again, the contents of the measurement mainly include: clear area involved in the renovation process. In particular, tiling area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area; clear main wall size. In particular, it is necessary to design the wall size of the furniture later.

2, the main demolition reform

Into the construction phase, the main body of the demolition of the infilling wall is the first one on the project, including the demolition of walls, walls, spade wall, heating, changing steel windows and so on. When the main body is dismantled and reformed, it is to put the framework of the construction site first.

3, hydropower reform

Before the transformation of the water circuit, the demolition of the main structure should be basically completed. Between the two stages of hydropower reform and main body demolition, the first measurement of cabinets should also be carried out. In fact, the so-called cabinet first measurement has no actual content, because the wall and the ground are not processed, the cabinet designer can not give a specific design size, but only for the developer reserved water inlet, hood socket Location, make some suggestions. mainly include:

Look at the position of the socket of the hood to influence the installation of the hood;

Look at the location of the water meter;

See if the location of the inlet is convenient for installing the sink later.

For the first measurement of the cabinet, a slightly experienced friend can do it completely. After the waterway is completed, it is best to do the waterproofing of the bathroom. The kitchen does not generally need to be waterproof. It is recommended to do waterproofing.

4, woodworking

Carpenters, bricklayers, and oil workers are the "three brothers" in the construction process. The basic order of appearance is: wood-tile-oil. The basic appearance principle is - who is dirty and who is the first. "Who is dirty? Whoever is above" is also one of the basic principles that determine the order of home improvement.

In fact, carpentry activities such as installing standpipes, making decorative ceilings, and attaching plaster lines can be considered in a sense as a detailed link of the main demolition and reform. They themselves do not conflict with the transformation of water circuits, and sometimes they still need some. Cooperate.

5, tiling

In the process of “bricklayer”, the following three steps are also involved:

Pass door stone, marble window sill installation. The installation of the door stone can be done together with the paving tiles, or after the paving tiles, the installation of the marble window sill is usually done after the window cover is done. The marble worker will prepare the glass glue, and the marble and the window cover are sealed with glass glue. Now.

Floor drain installation. The floor drain is the first one to appear in the home improvement hardware because it needs to be installed together with the floor tile. Therefore, when a friend starts to visit the building materials, he should try to buy a floor drain.

Hood installation. The hood is the first appearance of the appliance. After the kitchen tiles are laid, you can consider installing the hood.

“The bricklayer's second cousin” leaves the floor. At this time, the cabinet can be measured for the second time. Accurately speaking, after the wall tiles have been attached and the hood is installed, the second measurement of the cabinet can be performed.

6, brush wall paint

The “oil worker's third child” entered the field and mainly completed the work of basic wall surface treatment, brush finish, and painting of furniture hit by the “wooden boss”. To prepare wallpapers for students, you only need to let the “oil worker” in the plan to do wallpaper on the wall. As for whether or not to stay in the paint for the last time, I personally feel that this problem is not necessarily too true. From the experience of my renovation, the significance of leaving the paint once again is not great, because the operation behind it is no more messy than painting. .

7, kitchen and toilet ceiling

Cupboard ceiling as the installation of the first team, or in the continuation of the home "packaging." At the same time as the kitchen ceiling, the kitchen's moisture-proof ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (Yuba) should have been bought. It is best for the friend to install the ceiling lamp and exhaust fan (Yuba) at the same time, or to leave the thread and opening.

8, kitchen cabinet installation

After the ceiling is over, the cabinet door can be installed. If it goes well, one day can be completed. At the same time there is a sink (can not include water and water parts) and gas stove, the best coordination of the property before the installation of the gas pass, because the gas stove installed after the need to test gas.

9, wooden door installation

On the second day of cabinet installation, as soon as the wooden door measurement was completed more than one month ago, it is now possible to install it. If it goes well, it is also the time of the day. The hinges, door locks, and suctions to be installed at the same time when the door is installed. Prepare related hardware in advance.

If you want the wooden door manufacturers to install window covers and gargles, they should be measured together when the wooden door manufacturers measure them, and they should be installed on the same day that the wooden door is installed. At the same time, the installation time of the marble window sill should be considered wrong. After installation.

Remarks: The production period of wooden doors is generally one month. Therefore, in order to make the construction period close together, it is necessary to allow door manufacturers to measure the size of door openings as soon as possible after the completion of main body demolition. With regard to the handling of door openings, we need to pay attention to the fact that if the height of the door openings is inconsistent, the workers need to be treated as if they are equal in height - good-looking.

10, floor installation

(1) Before installing the floor, it is advisable for the manufacturers to survey whether the ground needs to be leveled or partially leveled. Some decoration companies or renovating teams will suggest ground leveling or local leveling. The actual survey of the flooring manufacturer shall prevail;

(2) Before the floor is installed, the floor of the home's paving floor should be cleaned and the ground must be kept dry. Therefore, do not use water during the sweeping process.

(3) When the floor is installed, the cutting of the floor must be in the corridor. Clean it after finishing. The cutting of the floor in the room is more serious than the contamination of the wall, similar to the cutting of artificial stone countertops in cabinets.

11, paving wallpaper

On the second day after the floor is installed, the home is cleaned up and the wallpaper can be pasted. If it goes well, it will be the same day. If conditions permit, the floor should be protected on the day of paving the wallpaper; if it is not conditional, it is okay to clean up the wallpaper glue left on the floor. Before paving the wallpaper, try to "don't have anything" on the wall.

12, radiator installation

The next day after the wallpaper is laid out, replacing the radiator or disassembling the radiator can literally place the radiator on the wall. The same is the time of day. Wooden door - floor - wallpaper - heat sink, this is a generally recognized correct installation order, first install the wooden door is to ensure that the baseboard of the floor can be closely integrated with the door of the wooden door cover; after loading the wallpaper is mainly because of the floor The installation is more dirty, more dust, and serious wallpaper pollution. Here again I used the principle of "who is dirty? The final radiator is installed because only the wallpaper on the wall can be installed to install the radiator.

13, switch socket installation

Should have a detailed understanding or record of the number of switches and sockets in various homes, location and other issues, especially for wallpaper, wallpaper workers are sometimes irresponsible, wallpaper hula paved at once, he does not use wallpaper knife The position of your switch socket is marked with a hole. Therefore, you still need your own mind.

14, lighting installation

Loading lights, nothing to say. After the lights were installed, the home was bright and bid farewell to the dazzling glare of the 100-watt incandescent bulbs during the renovation - it felt good.

15, hardware sanitary installation

Before buying good plumbing, bathroom accessories, toilets, drying racks, etc., they are all installed. After those “big things” were installed, the family was still “cold”. After the fixtures and hardware were installed, the family “lived” and really “lived”. It is not an exaggeration to say that the first time you opened the dragon's water and watched the flow of the water “squeaking and squeaking”, it would be beautiful in your heart; for the first time in your newly installed toilet, you would have a great sense of accomplishment.

16, curtain rod installation

The installation of curtain rods marks the end of home improvement.

17, cleaning

Before cleaning, do not install curtains. When cleaning, do not have furniture and unnecessary appliances at home. Try to keep more “flatness” so that the cleaning can be thoroughly cleaned.

18, furniture approach

With regard to the purchase time of furniture, it is also necessary to first complete the transformation of the water circuit. In this way, we have only a few basic dimensions of furniture to choose from. Therefore, some friends have already rushed to set the furniture before the decoration has begun. Personal feeling is not necessary.

19, appliance approach

At this time, the entrance of the appliance to enter the field, the installation of the installation, ready to stay!

20, home accessories

Home accessories, the final step of home improvement, and has been transformed from decoration to decoration, including the installation of curtains are part of home accessories. As for the purchase of curtains, it is best to order furniture to avoid style conflicts. Home accessories also include consideration of buying some green plants, wall paintings, and handicrafts.

Editor's summary: What should be noted about the housing renovation and the steps of house renovation are introduced here, and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

House decoration matters needing attention

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