"Home improvement packages" are concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of renovation

The “home improvement package” model has been attracting attention since its meeting with consumers. Overwhelming publicity advertisements, a low and low quotation, and an upgraded material brand have made many owners who want to decorate eager to try. One round of concessions is to let the "home improvement package" continue to become popular. In the context of the cold economy, "home improvement package" has become a dark horse in the home improvement industry. "Home improvement package" is now in full swing, what makes it so highly sought after? Compared with the previous decoration mode, what difference does it have in the end?

The so-called "home decoration package" is the use of brand materials in the materials used in home decoration (including wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, cabinets, sanitary ware, doors and door covers, and wall paints). After completing a home improvement project. In terms of image, as usual, we go to the restaurant to eat when the meal, there are vegetables, leeks, soup, rice, etc., more complete dishes, you can avoid the trouble of a sub-point. The same is true for home decoration packages, and all kinds of renovation projects are linked together, from the floor to the wall surface, puttying and baggage doors, and other basic projects are included, even from the very beginning with the mid-term replacement and replacement of materials. And the quality of the later period, environmental protection and other guarantees can be fully service protection, the formation of "one-stop"-style home improvement mode.

It is not difficult to find that this kind of home improvement model entrusts a series of tedious projects such as material procurement, basic technology, furniture, accessories, and household appliances to the home improvement company, allowing owners to install their own homes as if it were a supermarket. This greatly caters to the consumption characteristics of fast home improvement, especially for white-collar workers and business successes who are busy with their daily work. This will undoubtedly save a lot of time and eliminate many of the tedious chores in the home improvement process. The home improvement is quick and easy.

â—† Status: Positioning, Accurate, and Strong Development

In the current home improvement market, some home improvement companies have launched "288 home package", "460 well-off standard hardcover", "369 integrated hardcover overall home improvement", "450 main material all-inclusive" and other package decoration according to the level of home improvement. , attracted other companies to follow suit, not willing to miss the opportunity for development, have explored new package plans, and even has been sticking to the high-end line of East Yi Risheng decoration company is also in full swing brewing the "hardcover package."

Not long ago, Jinhuang Decoration Co., Ltd., which won the “460 well-off standard hardcover”, also won the opportunity to re-launch two new models, “280 Simple Standard Model” and “590 Luxury Standard Model”. The package started to subdivide the market and positioned the consumer market as three types of stalls: simple, well-to-do, and luxury, to meet the various needs of consumer groups at different levels.

â—†Advantages: Cost-bundling project bundling home improvement facilities

In addition to linking various projects such as engineering and materials, the “home improvement package” has also seen a significant breakthrough in the price calculation of “home improvement package”. It is understood that the home improvement package launched by various home improvement companies is based on the square meter method, such as "460 home package", that is, a uniform decoration price of 460 yuan per square meter. If your home's building area is 100 square meters, then the 460 home package price is: 100 * 460 = 46,000 yuan, which means home improvement costs 4.6 million. The 280, 288, 369, and 590 home improvement packages also use the same pricing method.

The calculation of the traditional home-installed price is based on sub-item pricing, such as: floor fee sub-installation fee and main material fee: Assume that the installation fee is 800 yuan, the floor material fee is 6200 yuan, and the floor fee is 7,000 yuan. By analogy, after calculating the expenses for a series of projects such as other tiles, cabinets, ceilings, wall lacquer, hardware, etc., the overall increase is the total cost of home improvement. From this we can see that the “home decoration package” pricing method is actually to equalize the price, and use a uniform price to “package” the price as a whole, which makes the trivial pricing simple and straightforward.

In addition, the low bid price is also an irresistible advantage for the “home improvement package”. In home-improvement packages, slogans such as “Twenty-eight thousand eighty-eight, hardcover and moving home” are often heard. The quotation for home decoration packages is generally relatively low, which is also the common sense of the home improvement industry. Jin Bin decoration chairman Tong Bin originally revealed to the author: The company's "home improvement packages" than the owners themselves to purchase the main material to save at least 30% of the cost of home improvement. Other home improvement companies also indicated that the main materials in the package can be purchased from manufacturers and distributors for large-scale purchases. Generally, they can take the final price. Therefore, when the package price is quoted, it can be calculated according to the reserve price, and the lower reserve price can be used. .

â—† Defect 1: The project has increased loopholes frequently

Ms. Yi, who lives in Furong Court, uses the “XXX Home Decoration Package” for her home decoration. She told the author: “Originally I just felt that the offer price was low. I chose the package when I was greedy and cheap. Who knows the cost of the entire decoration package? Expected to be nearly 20,000 higher!” She also explained in detail: “The items in the home improvement package are just basic decoration, and even basic occupancy is impossible, let alone hardcover. For example, water is changed to electricity, and the bathroom is waterproofed. The plaster line, suspended ceiling, etc. are not included in the package, and all have to be recalculated, and the number of cabinets, doors, and toilets in the package is limited, and a one meter long cabinet is obviously not enough. With extra money, the total cost of the various zero-to-zero processes adds nearly twice as much as expected!"

In this regard, the author also conducted a survey: some packages only include kitchen and bathroom bricks, brush the walls and other basic processes, such as hydropower reform, bathroom waterproof, partition walls, holes are essential items, and All of these must be additional money, and ceilings, plaster lines, plasterboards, window covers, door covers, dumb mouths, etc. are all freely selectable (home improvement companies generally offer different price points for participation). As a result, the cost of the increased project is naturally not low.

In this regard, the person in charge of a home improvement company explained that: Similar projects such as wall-breaking and partition walls do not happen in every home, and the number of cabinets and doors is also based on the area. For some owners, some items in the package may not be needed, and some owners need to add other decoration techniques, which vary according to the owner's renovation needs. However, when the author mentioned how to compensate for the unrenovated package item, the person in charge said that the decoration items that were not enjoyed will not be refunded.

â—†Defect 2: The material has a moisture brand name

In addition to the demolition and addition of the renovation project, according to industry insiders, there is also a lot of moisture in the material quality of the home improvement package. Although all home improvement companies have advertised that the materials used in the package are all branded products, such as Jiumu Sanitary Ware, Marco Polo Tiles, Europai Kitchen Cabinets, TOTO Sanitary Ware, Large Forest Solid Wood Composite Doors, Nippon Paint, etc. are all found on the leaflets. Home-improvement companies often use consumers as laymen, instead of authenticity and low-grade materials, some even dare to use inferior materials.

The source also mentioned that the difference between the different package prices lies in the quality and brand of the main material and substrate used, that is, 590 is better than 460, 460 is better than 280, and so on, the lower the price The worse the material process.

However, the existence is reasonable, and it is impossible to completely negate the “home improvement package” because of problems. Since the pros and cons coexist, how can we avoid disadvantages and enjoy the most expensive home-improvement meal? The author summed up a few points in order of home improvement to remind the majority of owners:

1. Carefully examine the model room. Home improvement companies often bring owners to visit one or more of the showrooms. At this time, you must look closely to see if the push pins on the sides of the cabinet are obvious, whether the quality of kitchen and bathroom products is excellent, whether the wall paint and the wall surface are smooth, etc. There are a series of details that you should carefully examine. In addition, due to the difference between the actual design and the model, you'd better go to the construction site to look at the material used, the level of the home improvement company, and the quality of the workers.

2, home decoration package contract is the key. According to the previous article, it can be seen that there are many details in the package, especially the items contained in the package and not included, clearly grasp the details in order to avoid the decoration team after the start of the demolition items, add items, increase the additional burden; The materials and brands selected in the home improvement package should also be carefully examined, especially the brand's model, number, price level, and grade, in order to prevent the home improvement company from “stealing the column”. In addition, the main material transportation, acceptance, and quality solutions to the warranty period should be indicated in the contract by the home improvement company.

3, the price is prevented from being "fudged". Some home improvement companies often use the banner of low prices to lure owners into enlightenment, and consumers generally have the mentality of cheaper plans. Coupled with the lack of understanding of the market for the first time decoration, it is often the home improvement companies that say what they do. This is easy to be deceived, so owners who want to make eye-pleasing quotes need a rational analysis.

4, to develop a reasonable home improvement budget, because in the construction process, home improvement companies will often provide different levels of the candidates for the project, in order to prevent the high overdraft home improvement costs, you are better to list a home improvement budget in advance, the ability to control, control Decoration costs, do not blindly follow the recommendation of the home improvement company.

5, environmental protection testing and after-sales service. After the completion of the renovation can be detected in the sale of tracking, after-sales service, etc., to ensure that the quality of home improvement warranty issues can be implemented specifically to avoid disputes in the future.

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