New Product Adhesive Fiberglass Fabric with PTFE Coated

Model NO.: PTFE 13s
Width;: 125cm
Color: Light Brown
Material: Weaved Glassfiber Fabric
Standing Temperature: -140° to 260 °
Roll Length: 50m
Trademark: SH Textile
Transport Package: Bags&Cartons
Specification: 13s
Origin: Shanghai, China
HS Code: 7019590000
PTFE Coated Fiberglass 

This material has 100% nonstick surface, painting, shrink film, food would not adhere on it; this fabric is made of high quality glassfiber coated with PTFE teflon, thus it can resist high temperature from -70-360C; Also its coating allows this material resist all chemical corrosion.
We provide both small rolls, jumbo rolls and different sizes of conveyor belts made of this material.

 Product Details 
Item No Color Thickness Max Width Weight Tensile strength Temp-resistance
mm cm  gsm N/cm °C
PTFE 13S Brown 0.13 125 260 220/190 -140 to 260
Common Types 
Item No Color Thickness Max Width Weight Tensile strength Temp-resistance
mm cm gsm N/cm °C
PTFE 08S Brown 0.08 125 165 130/120 -140 to 260
PTFE 13S Brown 0.13 125 260 220/190 -140 to 260
PTFE 18S Brown 0.18 125 395 330/250 -140 to 260
PTFE 25s Brown 0.25 125 490 410/330 -140 to 260
PTFE 35S Brown 0.35 125 660 560/445 -140 to 260
PTFE 40S Brown 0.4 125 780 820/500 -140 to 260
PTFE 65S Brown 0.65 125 1150 1080/750 -140 to 260
PTFE 90S Brown 0.9 125 1550 1500/1250 -140 to 260
 Features of PTFE 
1. Superior endurance in corrosion
2. Non-flammable, limited oxygen index is under 90
3. Low friction coefficient
4. Non-viscous, Self-lubricating
5. Superior endurance in high & low temperature, can be used at -1800~260°C
6. High electricity insulation
7. Atmospheric aging resistance, Good gas barrier property
8. Low permeability , Good gas barrier property
9. Good physiological compatibility and anti-thrombotic

1. Used between the -196°C to 300 °C                                
2.  Non adhesive: smooth surface, not easy to adhere to any material. Easy cleaning attachment surface, all kinds of grease stain or other attachments; paste, resin, paint and almost all other adhesive substances may be simply removed;
3.Resistant to chemical corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, aqua and all kinds of corrosion in organic solvents.
4. Drug resistant, non-toxicity. Almost all articles resistant medicament.
5. Having a high insulating performance (low dielectric constant: 2.6, tangent below 0.0025), anti-ultraviolet, anti-static.
6. Fire retardant.
7. Convenient use, long service life time

A: All kinds of high temperature roller cover, a heating flat plate, stripping.
B: Food, drugs and plastic sealing.
C: Chute, Hopper, Air molding can be used in sizing machine drum, thermoplastic stripping and other industries. They can use repeatedly and exchange.
D: For other needs of anti-adhesion, corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant surface.
E: Used for packaging, thermoplastic, bonding, sealing, electrical and electronic industries.
 Packaging & Delivery 
Packaging Details:
Inner plastic bag with EPE or carton board to protect the goods from pressing. Outside in Carton or wooden box.

Delivery Time:
Normally it's around 3 weeks after recieved payment

                             Z P A

PRODUCT NAME: Zinc aluminum orthophosphate hydrate 

PRODUCT INGREDIENTS:Orthophosphoric Acid Aluminum,Orthophosphoric Acid Zinc

PRODUCT TYPE: Anti-corrosion Pigment



CAS No.7779-90-0

PRODUCT APPLICATION: ZPA has a higher phosphate content than Zinc Phosphate.The absence of basic components in the pigment makes ZPA a versatile pigment for many applications.




Zinc as Zn%


Aluminum as Al%


Phosphorous as PO4%


Loss on ignition 600℃%


Pb   ppm


Cd   ppm


Oil absorption value [g/100g]


Sieve residue(on 32 microns,%)

Max 0.01


STANDARD PACKAGING  25kg/bag, Plastic-lined woven bag or Composite paper bag


Protect against weathering. Store in a dry place and avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature. Special conditions for opened packaging: Close bags after use to prevent the absorption of moisture and contamination

Zinc Aluminum Orthophosphate Hydrate

Anti-Rust Pigment,Zinc Aluminum Orthophosphate Hydrate,Orthophosphoric Acid Aluminum,Orthophosphoric Acid Zinc

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