Test principle and method of coating 4 cups

The test principle and method of coating 4 cups determine that the fluid has a Newtonian flow and a non-Newtonian flow. The Newtonian flow is a fluid at a certain temperature, within a wide range of shear rate, the viscosity value remains unchanged, non-Newton The shear stress is not proportional to the velocity, and its viscosity changes with the shear stress. Solvent-based varnishes and low-viscosity paints in liquid coatings are Newtonian fluids, so research and discussion on Newtonian fluids should be carried out.
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There are many ways to measure the viscosity of a coating. The flow cup method is essentially an industrial vibrometer application for a capillary viscometer. Structurally, the volume between the bar coaters of the start line of the capillary viscometer is enlarged, and the elongated capillary portion is changed to a short short hole. Due to the large volume and the short outflow hole, it is convenient to operate and clean, and can be applied to opaque paint, so it is widely used now. The viscosity measured by the flow cup viscometer is the conditional viscosity, which is usually expressed by the time when a certain amount of sample flows out of the leveling device from the viscosity cup under certain conditions, in units of s. This viscometer is suitable for low viscosity varnishes and lacquers and is not suitable for the determination of non-Newtonian flow coatings such as high viscosity, high pigment dispersion coatings.
The method determined that the varnish used in this test had an outflow time of about 28 s, and 4 cups were suitable for the measurement of the paint with an effluent time of 20 to 150 s. Therefore, the test method was determined to be a coating-4# viscometer method. The specific operation is based on GB/T 1723-1993 "paint viscosity measurement method" stirrer.

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