Nano-energy developed high-sensitivity friction nanogenerators for sleep monitoring

Nano-energy developed high-sensitivity friction nanogenerators for sleep monitoring

Figure 1 (a) Schematic diagram of a friction nanogenerator; (b) Change in sensor voltage over time caused by turning over during sleep monitoring; (c) Design scheme for mobile health monitoring.

Sleep is an important physiological activity of human beings. A good sleep state is an important factor in ensuring people's quality of life and work efficiency. In recent years, as people's health awareness has increased, the monitoring of common sleep disorders has become more urgent. According to statistics, about 5% of the world’s people suffer from apnea syndrome, a chronic disease that causes apnea during sleep. Hiccups, apneas, and hyperactivity caused by sleep are the main manifestations. The patient population is younger and continues to grow. At present, clinics mainly use polysomnography to diagnose. By monitoring the EEG, eye movements, myoelectricity, body movement, respiration, and pulse during sleep, the physiological parameters of sleep are analyzed. To achieve sensitive, multiplex, real-time monitoring and recording, very large and complex equipment is currently required and multiple drive power sources are required to maintain continuous, real-time monitoring. This not only brings inconvenience to the patient's sleep comfort and the operation and maintenance of the medical staff, but also affects the accuracy of the monitoring results.

In response to these problems, Sun Chunwen, a researcher at the Beijing Institute of Nano Energy and Systems, and Song Song, an associate researcher at the Wang Zhonglin Research Group, developed a sensitive limb motion sensor based on a friction nanogenerator. The nano-column array greatly improves the device's monitoring sensitivity. The limb movement during sleep causes the relative movement of the friction layer inside the device, resulting in a voltage output signal of up to tens of volts. The time and number of movements can be collected and recorded in real time. For the first time, the motion sensor is made of aluminum-plastic film material with a multi-layer structure and manufactured by a hot-casting process. The material is soft and has good wear resistance, and has good waterproof and acid-alkali resistance. The device does not require extra external power supply during use, so the device is small, simple and easy to operate. Sleeping movements, limb movements, etc. can all be monitored by collecting electrical signals from the device. The device is portable, easy to operate, and it is convenient for patients to diagnose at home. More importantly, the data can be transmitted to the hospital clinics, emergency centers, or medical databases through wireless transmission modes and networks to facilitate remote monitoring and consultation by doctors.

Next, the research group will further design and develop self-driven sensors for monitoring eye movement, respiration, pulse, etc., collect various sleep physiological parameters, and improve the self-driven human sleep monitoring system, which is expected to play its unique role in the field of mobile health. effect. Related results were recently published on the ACS Nano.

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