Agilent transceivers make mobile phones a universal remote control device

Agilent Technologies, NYSE: A) has announced the availability of a compact and economical infrared transceiver that enables mobile phones to be used as infrared remote controls for televisions, VCRs, DVDs and other home appliances. . The new transceiver supports IrDA (Infrared Data Association) link transmission up to 50 cm (approximately 20 inches) up to a distance of up to 7 meters (approximately 23 feet) and is compatible with Agilent's universal remote control software. .
Agilent's HSDL-3005 Infrared Transceiver is available in two versions: front view (optical device on the top of the package for infrared transmission/reception through the front or back of the handheld product) and side view (optical device on the side of the package). Infrared transmission/reception through the side of the handheld product). The size of the front view type product is 8.0 mm (width) × 2.5 mm (height) × 3.0 mm (length), and the size of the side view type product is 7.5 mm (width) × 2.8 mm (height) × 3.35 mm (length).
The HSDL-3005 has a flexible programming mode for easy software programming. Agilent's HSDL-S300 companion application is a universal remote control with a pre-defined remote database and self-teaching/self-learning mode. The software includes profiles for TV, DVD, VCR, air conditioning, CD, audio, LD/VCD (laser disc/video disc) and other home appliances. Each configuration file can support up to 10 sets of device control functions, so that you can store control information for 80 home appliances (8 configuration files × 10 sets of devices). Each device can control up to 32 buttons/functions via the touch screen or keyboard buttons of a mobile phone or PDA.
Agilent's HSDL-3005 Infrared Transceiver achieves lower cost and more compact structure by using IrDA and remote control with a high-power, 883nm wavelength LED instead of IrDA and remote control, respectively, with 875nm and 940nm emission wavelengths. .
The HSDL-3005 infrared transceiver meets the low power standard of the IrDA physical layer version 1.4. The SIR has a working data rate of 9.6 kb/s to 115.2 kb/s. Its ultra-low idle current below 100 microamps and 10nA shutdown current (both typical) help extend battery life in mobile products. The product also provides LED overheat protection, operating power range from 2.4V to 3.6V. All Agilent Infrared Transceivers are compliant with IEC 825-Class 1.

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