New pesticide phenoxy

Phenoxycarb is also known as dioxycarb, the common name is fenoxycarb. Phenoxycarb is a non-terpene insect growth regulator with juvenile hormone activity. With high efficiency, broad-spectrum, low toxicity, safety, environmental pollution and many other advantages, a growing concern.
1. The insecticidal mechanism is unique. There are a variety of insect hormone regulatory function: A, the insect molting metamorphosis can not gradually died; B, suppression of insect metamorphosis, resulting in post-larvae or pupae of death; C, there is a strong ovicidal action, thereby reducing the insect population density; D, insects embryonic development, reproduction, had a greater inhibitory effect, form ovicidal action.
2, broad spectrum insecticide. Since fenoxycarb has a unique mechanism of insecticidal both stomach and contact action, but also have a strong role in the destruction of insect endocrine hormones, so it's very broad spectrum insecticide. Foreign proved fenoxycarb to fifty kinds of insects and mites Some ticks, nematodes effectively.
3. It is highly effective against pests and low in mammals. Like other insect growth regulators, phenoxy is highly effective and low toxic, especially for mammals.
4, long-lasting effect, no pollution to the environment. When phenoxycarb was used to control Plutella xylostella, the control effect was still more than 90% after 15 days. When used to control food storage pests, it has a long-lasting effect on various food pests such as wheat moths for up to 18 months.
5, phenoxy can effectively control sanitary pests, food pests, and is very effective against a variety of resistant pests. Mixing phenoxysilane with millet and brown rice can prevent the eggs of various coleopteran and lepidopteran pests from hatching, and also has the lethal effect on adults. And phenoxycarb has a long-lasting effect, while the residue is extremely low and does not pollute the environment.

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