Artificial marble texture supernatural stone

In the urban renovation project, every piece of natural marble involved involves the quarrying, processing and transportation behind, including amazing electricity consumption. In this regard, Liu Zhiyong, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jiada Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., appealed at the booth of the Hi-tech Fair to build a green, low-carbon city, beginning with less use of natural marble.

Jiada Hi-Tech has developed high-tech alternative building materials, which can completely replace natural marble. Its texture, color, and beauty all meet or exceed the original product. When Fuqing District Party Committee ** Liu Qingsheng and District Chief Zhang Qingshan visited the booth, they said that the green city project is to use a lot of new building materials and new technologies that are low in carbon and energy.

Jiada Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. is a headquarters-based high-tech enterprise in Futian. The company has broken through the world-wide oil and water insolvability problem, and has filed 85 national and international patents. It has authorized 16 projects. Its synthetic resin curtain wall decoration system and imitation stone technology are known throughout the country. Currently, Jiada has established more than 500 sales outlets in 25 provinces and 66 cities nationwide, and completed more than 70 million square meters of engineering projects including the National Stadium (Bird's Nest).

The color of the city is related to low carbon. How to design a city suit for low-carbon science in the city is the charm of the core technology of the company. Yesterday, at the Haichuan Color Technology booth, the company undertook several color application design tasks such as the “City Color Planning” scientific and technological research project of the Ministry of Construction and the color planning of the underground space of the Shanghai World Expo.

The solar energy gathered by different glasses is also different. The photovoltaic glass curtain wall developed by Chuangyi Technology will maximize the solar energy that people collect. Chuangyi Technology has won several patent awards at home and abroad with a number of technological innovations and has undertaken major national scientific research projects. The company developed a patent for "amorphous silicon thin-film solar cells and manufacturing methods" and won the China Invention Patent Award and the Paris International Invention Patent Gold Award.

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