Online exhibition “breaking ground” breeds new requirements for the hardware industry in 2011

Online exhibition "break the ground" breeding Insuding the new needs of the hardware industry in 2011 Recently, Global Sources announced that it will launch 60 new online exhibitions in 2011 to further expand the coverage and value of the company's "China Sourcing Fairs". It is understood that the first online exhibition will be launched during the April 2011 "Global Sources Sourcing Fair" in Hong Kong.

In fact, e-commerce “engage in” exhibitions is not a fresh topic nowadays, but there are few people who know them. This leads to a problem: the time for the development of China’s online exhibition is not yet mature, and e-commerce and exhibitions have not yet reached “water and fire”. Blending" to the point.

At present, e-commerce has been involved in China's exhibition industry, from the simple publication of exhibition information, to online recruitment, to online exhibitions. However, from China's national conditions and the status quo of e-commerce development, online exhibitions are still in the stage of exploration and development.

In recent years, e-commerce has been put on the development agenda by many organizations. It can be said that e-commerce has penetrated into various industries. At the same time, it has further enabled many hardware companies to get to know and understand e-commerce in close quarters. It has profoundly realized that doing business can be a "short cut" and a "shortcut" can be found.

With the continuous development of e-commerce, many branch industries have emerged, of which the online exhibition is a typical example. Since its inception, online exhibitions have continually challenged the traditional exhibition model. Compared with traditional exhibitions, online exhibitions have the advantages of wide audience, intuitive image, can be visited at any time, long exhibition period, low cost, large information capacity, timely feedback, and quick results. It enables all exhibitors to use the opportunity of online exhibitions, to fully exhibit their own image to their domestic and foreign counterparts, introduce related products, so as to seize more market opportunities and share.

2011 is the first year of implementation of the 12th Five-Year Plan. This is a golden opportunity for online exhibitions. At the same time, the huge market demand is also a big “weight” to boost the development of online exhibitions. Under a good situation, it is also a good news for the transformation and upgrading of hardware companies next year.

Of course, there are also drawbacks in online exhibitions. As stated in the exhibition industry, in the traditional exhibitions, both sides signed the "Face To Face" method from the business negotiation to the final cooperation agreement, while the virtual online exhibition was "Not meet". The online exhibition is a virtual reality exhibition. The organization, exhibition and exhibition activities of the exhibition are all electronic. The communication between the organizers, exhibitors and visitors is conducted through computers and the Internet. According to what he said, online exhibitions have never met from the negotiation to the transaction to reach both buyers and sellers. It is a complete network negotiation method.

However, why did online exhibitions not become a good choice for businesses? The answer is a low safety factor!

The benevolent sees the person, and the wise sees the wisdom. The "groundbreaking" of the trade shows spreads, and the pros and cons are assessed separately. However, as a new business operation mode, the author is more optimistic about its development prospects. With the rapid maturation of e-commerce and the transformation of people's concepts, it is believed that online exhibitions will become a popular way of business in the near future!

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