Detailed explanation of the five major trends in the floor market in 2011

For the previous home improvement, the importance of the floor is difficult to measure, but now, the floor has become the wind vane of the family's fashion elements, the development trend is increasingly clear, in 2011 five major trends in the floor market analysis:

Trend 1: Consumption after 80

Today's consumer market is welcoming new rising 80s consumers. Faced with this new group of people who grew up with the information age, floor companies launched new marketing strategies based on their consumption characteristics and launched a series of different styles of products to cater for consumers who pursue personality and fashion.

The manager of the silver building materials market Anxin Floor said: “Now young people pay more attention to floor color and beauty, especially to the generation after 80.” As a new generation of consumer groups, 80 has become the main target of the floor market. It is understood that in the major home building materials market, many floor brands have introduced products with a personalized style to attract young people. According to Mr. Zeng, who lives in Baroque flooring, exotic lands such as American country style and European style are more popular with young people.

Trend 2: The Brand Accumulates Lasting Way

At present, the homogenization of flooring products is serious. As general manager of Nature Floor said: "Brand building is the cornerstone of the future development of flooring companies, using quality to accumulate for the brand. The longer the brand is, the more mellow it is."

With the improvement of material living standards, people have higher and stricter requirements for the types, functions, and uses of wooden floors, and the degree of recognition of brands has also increased. The road to branding flooring is a development trend.

Trend 3: Fully develop the local market

"To break the current marketing stalemate in the flooring market, the second, third and fourth-tier markets are a good breakthrough," said Zhao Bin, general manager of Shengda floor flagship store. Han Xiaofei, general distributor of nature flooring in Beijing, also analyzed that the second and third-tier cities have less bubbles in the real estate market and relatively stable market development. Therefore, a healthy real estate industry will promote the development of the flooring industry.

Trend 4: Buying and Selling Consumers

Group purchases are purchased at the lowest price, and sellers are also popular because they can also increase sales in the short term and achieve mutual benefits. Inexpensive products are the most favored by consumers, and group purchases give consumers real benefits and consumer satisfaction.

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