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Sheng Tang He Feng Tatami

The tatami mats of ordinary families are mostly designed on the ground of rooms, study rooms or halls, but there are many people who do n’t know much about their matters and ca n’t understand such products fundamentally. Method, then how to decorate the tatami room? What are the precautions for the tatami room decoration?

1. Decoration Design of Tatami Room

1. Room planning, indoor area is fixed, what is not fixed is the location of the tatami. The tatami in the bedroom can have multiple positions, but it is generally better from north to south. The area of ​​tatami varies in size, and the decoration should be based on the area of ​​the bedroom. Do not face the bed directly with the door, as this will affect feng shui and it will be inconvenient to move. The side of the tatami must be next to the wall, so that the space can be more spacious. These simple decoration methods play a very important role.

2. Style matching, although it is tatami, there are many styles to choose from. Japanese style is the style that many people like today, but when we search for tatami decoration pictures, we will find that there are many colors of tatami, and the colors of tatami are the colors of walls and floors. Some like to use some landscape paintings for decoration, and feel that such decoration should be much more elegant. Some people like to decorate the curtains and sheets of Guofu Mountain and River with a strong sense of modernity.

3. Pay attention to the design height of the tatami floor. The height of the non-designed lifting table is generally between 150㎜ ~ 200㎜. The height of the design lifting table is the height you want to set. Do not damage the original waterproof layer. Do a waterproof test before decorating the tatami. If there is any leakage, the waterproof layer needs to be done again.

Second, the tatami room decoration matters needing attention

1. Platform height

For tatami that does not design a lifting table, the height of the platform is generally designed between 150mm-200mm. Generally speaking, the Japanese-style tatami is 30CM above the ground, but for small-sized Chinese-style tatami, the ordinary floor only needs to be 15CM-20CM higher. However, considering that the tatami floor needs to be designed with storage functions, in addition to the installation of the lifting table, then the height should be between 35CM-40CM.

2. The size of tatami

For small-sized houses, the design height of the tatami depends on the house and the required storage space. For tall and small units, such as 3 meters or more, it is more practical to choose a tatami that is larger than about 40 cm. If it is shorter, then the height of the tatami is also relatively reduced. In addition, for small-sized tatami, you must choose a simple ceiling design or no ceiling, so that the entire space will be more comfortable.

3. The location of the power supply

For rooms that are intended to be designed with tatami mats, pay attention to the height of the bottom edge of the power outlet when changing power, and the normal height is 25CM. You must communicate with the workers in advance. If there is an elevator on the tatami plan, it is recommended to leave a power cord under the elevator, and a five-hole socket can be installed on the elevator side panel.

Tatami is what people now like, it feels very warm, so the design of tatami room decoration and the matters needing attention in tatami room decoration. Have you got all this knowledge?

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