Beijing good decoration company which owners how to choose a good decoration company

In your mind, there may be such a subconscious: looking for decoration companies, quotes can not be too expensive, reputation must be better, and the staff's service attitude can not be too bad. But in Beijing, it is really hard to find a fitting company that fits perfectly. So, what are the good decoration companies in Beijing ? Let's introduce in detail the following: How do Beijing good decoration companies and owners choose Beijing's good decoration companies ?

What are the good decoration companies in Beijing?

1. What are the good decoration companies in Beijing---Beijing Green Edge Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Speaking of this decoration company, it was established in 2002 and has provided 15 years of service to consumers. Its corporate projects mainly include: design, engineering construction, project supervision, material distribution, after-sales service, etc. . What's more, the company is a legitimate and legitimate business. It is formally approved by the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, and has obtained the formal qualifications of the country.

2. What are some good decoration companies in Beijing---Beijing Wutong Tree Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

This decoration company's taste is more unique, in the home decoration piece, to provide the majority of consumers with the most abundant strength, and a high degree of professionalism, will bring the best living experience to everyone.

3, Beijing good decoration company which - Beijing Jia Shi Special Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Finally, Jiashi Special Decoration was recommended for everyone. It passed the registration in the Administration for Industry and Commerce, and obtained the qualification of “Building Class B” and obtained the title of “Green Decoration Enterprise”. Mainly responsible projects include: home design, public decoration design, green gardening design, and construction.

How to choose a good decoration company in Beijing:

1, recognize the company qualifications

In this link, the main thing to do is to check whether the company can provide a business license, whether the office address is formal, and to provide consumers with regular bills, etc. In addition, the most important thing is the quality of the construction team, otherwise During the renovation process, the owners are easily scared by the construction team’s harsh attitude.

2. Initial contact with the company

This is to inform the decoration team of their requirements and obtain a reasonable initial offer. There are two situations for the quotation method: First, design and give an initial quotation according to the price of the consumer's heart; Second, according to the requirements of the consumer, make a design quotation.

3, to prevent contract loopholes

Do not blindly sign the contract, these points are particularly important: 1 specific requirements, as well as the time of completion; 2 the use of materials, brands, specifications should be marked; 3 whether the contract refers to the warranty regulations.

4, communicate with the designer before the renovation

In the pre-decoration period, communication is indispensable. You must tell the designer what style you want to decorate and your budget, so that you can better design and give you the most realistic plan.

Xiao Bian concludes: Well, the relevant knowledge about Beijing's good decoration company is introduced here. I hope that my friends in Beijing will find a satisfactory decoration company in Beijing . Do not underestimate the decoration, you are inadvertently, there may be irreparable consequences, the only harm is the last one, so, would rather tired in the pre-decoration, do not tired after half-fit, so Not only did not save, but also bring yourself big trouble!

Beijing good decoration company

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