The world's first human-eye camera solves long-distance shooting face puzzles

Scientific and technological developments in our lives, surveillance cameras all over the streets but not easy to find, anywhere, anytime affect our lives made us aware of any. Their most important role is of course to record the most important information in the coverage, such as the face. However, limited by the quality of the face captured by the front-end device, the current range of application for face recognition is very limited and can only be limited to within four or five meters. It is easy to understand that if a camera wants to see a distant object, it must sacrifice its field of view. For example, a telescope can look very far, but the viewing angle is extremely small. Seeing far and seeing widely seems to be a conflicting existence.

The world's first human-eye camera solves long-distance shooting face puzzles

On October 20th, Green Shen pupil released a human eye camera based on the human eye imaging principle in Beijing, which is used to solve the problem that common surveillance cameras on the market cannot clearly photograph distant human faces.

Face recognition technology has always been widely used in fields such as security monitoring, banking finance, and national defense science and technology, relying on its non-aggressive, human-computer information communicability. Under the support of the depth algorithm, the recognition accuracy of the face recognition technology even exceeds the human eye, but due to the low quality of the face captured by the front-end device, the actual scope of the face recognition is limited to within four or five meters. Geling deep pupil CTO Zhao Yong believes that five meters away from the camera, even in the high-definition picture, the face of the pixel is only 75 * 75pixel below, but in order to achieve good recognition results, the pixel should be 100 * 100pixel or more.

To solve this problem, many manufacturers have introduced 4K or 7K ultra-high-definition surveillance cameras. Although the pixels are high, they are expensive, low in frame rate, and require high bandwidth. The most important point is that they want to capture distant objects. Because of the breadth of sacrifice, it has not been widely promoted. Another idea is that this human eye camera developed by Greene Hitomi can be seen far and wide, based on the working principle of the human eye.

Greenshen pupils use the patented technology of dynamic instantaneous pixel allocation to instantly increase the effective pixels of partial images by more than 100 times. The overall image can reach 200 million equivalent pixels, clearly identifying human faces within 50 meters, and seeing the whole body within 100 meters. Features, vehicle information within 200 meters. In addition, the camera has a field of view of 70°, which is more than one hundred times faster than the existing face-taking camera with a viewing angle of only 5°-6°.

Of course, information capture is an aspect. On the other hand, it requires front-end local real-time algorithms. The camera incorporates the Nvidia TEGRAKI chip, which can output structured video streams or data information in real time after loading optimized image processing algorithms.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the network bandwidth occupied by mainstream HD cameras is basically the same, and there is no need to upgrade the existing infrastructure. And the integration is simple, and it can be connected to the system platforms of most manufacturers, such as the mainstream video network monitoring and management platform, NVR and so on. In addition to supporting its own face and vehicle identification system and providing an integrated solution, the deep-pitch human eye camera is also compatible with mainstream third-party face recognition and vehicle identification systems.

According to Zhao Yong, the deep-eye human eye camera is mainly used in the field of security monitoring that the company has been cultivating. The target customers are mainly public security systems and traffic police. At present, the product is in the pre-sales testing stage. The specificity of the customer leads to centralized purchasing at the end of the year. Therefore, there are no orders yet, but it has been given to a number of units for testing and the products will be shipped at the end of the year. Although Zhao Yong did not directly give the price, he said that the price was lower than the price of some 4K monitored 20 or so.

Faced with the increasingly fierce competition of face recognition technology companies in the field of security monitoring, like Face, Image, whether in the recognition rate or the application gap is also narrowing, the increasingly converging advantages and disadvantages of the algorithm, how to rely on differences to seize the larger Market share is the question of Green's deep pupil thinking.

The advantage of Green's deep pupil is that it has a hardware development team and hopes to get a single breakthrough from the camera's personal face recognition. Deepin Hitomi also has great expectations for the camera, Green Hitomi said: "This product is our new product, but also belongs to the rank of killer. From next year, it will be the most important source of our sales revenue."

From the current point of view, human eye cameras are also the first in the world, performance indicators leading a number of existing products, but the cost is much more expensive than traditional cameras, there are still some difficulties in the promotion of popularization.

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