What are the differences between beam staircases and slab stairs?

Stairs are divided into beam staircases and slab stairs. Why are there two types of stairs? What are the differences between beam and slab stairs? I believe this is a problem people are more concerned about. So, what's the difference between letting Xiaobian share the beam-type stairs and slab stairs for everyone?

1. Beam staircase

The beam-type staircase is provided with inclined beams on the side of the inclined board of the stairs. The two ends of the inclined beam are supported on the beams. The beams are supported on the walls or columns of the steps to form a beam-type staircase. Of course, the advantage of a beam-type staircase is that it saves material compared to a long period of time. Of course, there are drawbacks, that is, when the construction of the template more trouble, the appearance does not look good appearance of the plate stairs. At this time, the construction company will have to look at which is more suitable for itself. Can not blindly choose.

2, slab staircase

The slab staircase consists of a ladder section, a beam body and a platform. The floor slab is a sloping plate. The two ends of the plate are supported on the platform beam. Such a staircase is called a slab staircase. Of course, the advantage of the panel staircase is that it looks smooth and smooth on the surface, and it is convenient for the construction of the template, which brings many benefits to the construction. However, there are also drawbacks. The sloping plates are thick. When the span is large, the materials used will be more. So this is the question that everyone should consider when choosing.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the difference between the beam-type stairs and the plate-type stairs. I believe we will have some understanding after reading it, and it will be very convenient when we choose. Because you know the difference between a beam-type staircase and a plate-type staircase, you have to choose according to your own style and see if it is economical or beautiful.

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