British media claimed that China "stealing the United States radar chip" to discredit China's space

“How did China's weapon thieves infiltrate into the US defense industry?” - Reuters published a long story on the subject on the 18th, detailing a story comparable to Hollywood blockbusters: US agents “fishing” on law enforcement, setting up bait. , cited in the US Chinese He Zhaohui "on the hook", want to "the United States radar chips shipped to China", and ultimately "the people get everything" will be arrested. The report said that because of the great care of US agents, 112 radar chips obtained by He Chaohui were “unknown”. “US officials strongly suspect that these chips are in China and may have been installed on satellites launched by China that fly around the earth.” In this regard, Peking University professor Zhu Feng told the Global Times on the 18th that western media frequently claimed that China “stolen US sensitive technologies” and accompanied it with China’s military strength. This reflected that some Americans and some Westerners have flowed sensitive technologies into China. Cup bow snake shadow mentality. “We don’t know how much water these statistics in the United States are, but this clearly reflects to a great extent the sensitivity and vulnerability of the United States to China’s rising mentality.”

Whenever there is a breakthrough in military or aerospace science and technology in China, the Western media will always publish “China steals Western military technology” articles “in a timely manner”. This time is no exception. Chang’e III successfully landed on the moon for a few days. Reports that have discredited the development of China’s space industry have emerged. “As Beijing narrows its military gap with the United States, Washington is faced with a major wave of smuggling of sensitive U.S. defense components and systems,” the Reuters article elaborated on such a story. In the spring of 2011, Aeroflex, an enterprise in Colorado, received an e-mail. The other person claimed to be “Philip Hope” from “Sella Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd.” of Oakland, Calif., to order two kinds of radar chips: one 112, One 200, with a total value of nearly $550,000, quickly paid the full amount by check. Aeroflex became suspicious and reported this to the Department of Homeland Security. The latter's preliminary investigation found that "Philip Hoppe" means He Chaohui, and "Sela Electronics Instrument Company" in Chinatown, Auckland City. “The US believes that these are chips purchased by others, a very rich person who cannot legally purchase the chip. This person may be in China, possibly China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, a state-owned company that bears almost all military civilian space projects in China. enterprise."

Reuters said that the order of the radar chip is "China's irreproachable technology," which is about the size of a one-cent coin and is a key component for maneuvering radar, guiding ballistic missiles, and protecting military hardware from nuclear radiation and solar radiation. The chip is not the most advanced in the US market and cannot control a sophisticated military radar alone. “But experts believe that, apart from being a radar component, this chip has very few other uses.” “The chip is legal in the United States for domestic trade and exports to friendly countries, but it is prohibited from exporting to rival countries — Iran, North Korea. And is considered to be America's biggest challenger in the future: China.” Worse still, Aeroflex is also suspected of illegal exports. The company acknowledged that it exported 14.5 million radar chips to China from 2003 to 2008, citing the lack of understanding of legal.

"This is a gamble. This is an opportunity to crack down on the entire Chinese smuggling syndicate. However, if He Chaohui successfully sends chips to China, it will certainly be extremely detrimental to the United States." Reuters said that after the trade-offs, the United States decided to "gamble." In July 2011, the United States agents disguised themselves as couriers and sent He Chaohui the first batch of 112 chips. They watched the installation of monitoring equipment in their homes and listed their names on the blacklist of the immigration management. Reuters said that because he did not deploy enough manpower to track He Zhaohui throughout the day, in September, he was discovered to fly from Tijuana, Mexico to China. However, US agents did not give up. In October, agents of the National Security Bureau disguised themselves as couriers and sent He Chaohui with the remaining 200 chips, but there was still no movement after two months. In the early hours of December 4, American agents secretly sneaked into the home of He Chaohui and found that the chip was no longer in the express box. On the 10th, US agents discovered that Ho Chao-hui had signs of "escape to China," and he took urgent action and arrested him when he "handed over the chips to the captain of a Chinese vessel."

Reuters said that according to information it has obtained, from October 2005 to October 2013, the U.S. government filed 280 court records on arms smuggling cases, of which 70 were related to Iran and 66 were related to China. The "Washington Post" claimed that a confidential report of the Pentagon Advisory Board this year stated that "Chinese hackers" have already obtained designs for more than 20 kinds of US weapons systems. However, the article commented that "China's stealing off-the-shelf components and weapons systems means a more direct challenge to the U.S. military." Reuters said, "It is difficult to estimate how many U.S. military technologies are acquired by China, because most of these transactions are The black market has proceeded; moreover, it is legal for many technologies to be exported to friendly countries, but a change of hands was sold to China."

Zhu Feng said in an interview with a reporter from the Global Times on the 18th that, in fact, the so-called “smuggling of sensitive technologies” in the United States is mostly a military-civilian dual-use technology and is not very sophisticated in the military. For this type of technology, China used to be in the past. On the occasions such as the US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, it is hoped that the United States will relax relevant export restrictions in order to ease the bilateral trade imbalance between China and the United States. The United States has also indicated that it is considering relaxing restrictions on China’s exports of related technology products, but ultimately no agreement has been reached. Not long ago, the United States also spared no effort to prevent NASA from cooperating with China. This is due to the public opinion environment in the United States. In the current environment of competition between China and the United States, scholars from all countries believe that China’s GDP will exceed that of the United States. The United States can now only hope to maintain its absolute military superiority against China. As long as such a public opinion environment exists, it will steal technology from the United States and the West. "The doubts and groundless accusations will continue.

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