Manufacturing process of SDA1 locomotive bogie frame

I. Overview

The SDA1 locomotive is an AC-DC-AC mainline locomotive diesel locomotive independently developed by our company for Australia. The maximum operating power of the locomotive is 3000kW. The bogie design of the locomotive draws on the design concept of China's HXD1C electric locomotive and American EMD GT46CAce locomotive bogie. The design standard is high, and there is a big difference between the company's existing locomotive bogie structure, high quality requirements and complicated manufacturing process. .

The frame is the base of the locomotive load and transmission, and is also the main skeleton of the many components of the bogie. At the same time, the frame is also a structural component with complex forces. It not only carries the weight of all the equipment on the upper part of the locomotive, but also carries and transmits the three different directions and sizes of vertical, vertical and horizontal movements generated during the operation of the locomotive. Therefore, the frame must have Sufficient strength and rigidity.

Second, SDA1 locomotive frame design structure

(1) The frame consists of left/right symmetrical beam, front end beam, rear end beam, beam 1, beam 2 and various additional supports. The outer dimensions are (60200+5) mm×2600mm. The frame group is welded into a completely closed frame-type "mesh" box-shaped structure, as shown in Figure 1.

(2) In order to ensure the strength and rigidity of the frame, the 16MnDR of the frame is selected to ensure high yield strength and good welding performance.

(3) The upper and lower side cover of the side beam and the upper and lower rear beams and the upper and lower cover plates of the beam 1/2 are misaligned and docked. The welded joint is multi-layered and welded by large groove, and ultrasonic flaw detection is performed after welding to ensure welding. quality.

图1 SDA1型机车构架结构
Figure 1 SDA1 locomotive frame structure

(4) In order to reduce the stress concentration at the joint, the joint between the side beam and the front/rear beam and the beam 1/2 is in the form of an integral lead/extinguishing plate and a circular arc transition, and mechanically cut and smooth transition after welding.

(5) The frame frame group is subjected to integral annealing treatment before post-weld processing to eliminate the welding stress generated during the welding process.

Third, SDA1 locomotive frame manufacturing process

After analyzing the structure of SDA1 structure, taking into account the existing manufacturing process equipment of the workshop, combined with the manufacturing process of diesel locomotive and 7200kW electric locomotive frame structure, the manufacturing process of SDA1 locomotive frame structure was determined: incoming inspection → vertical plate, cover plate, Motor suspension splicing / flaw detection → beam, side beam vertical plate, partition beam and other beam body welding → beam, side beam and other group welding → beam, side beam and other repairs, scribing → beam, side beam and other processing → frame frame Welding, flaw detection→frame frame one-time scribing→tie assembly such as tie rod assembly→frame frame annealing→frame frame secondary scribing→frame frame front processing→framework attachment welding→framework reverse machining→framework finishing→framework Secondary attachment welding → frame three-coordinate detection → frame shot blasting → frame secondary grinding, finishing → frame inspection, inspection → frame paint.

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