Home-installed water and electricity acceptance requirements

We all know that the renovation of hydropower during the renovation is very important. Since hydropower reform is a hidden project, the possibility of subsequent changes or redaction of hidden projects is very low. If there is no particularly large failure, it will not be renovated. This point is also doomed to the complexity of hydropower renovation and renovation, so the relevant procedures for hydropower reform must be strictly controlled, because it directly affects the quality of life after the stay. Today Xiao Bian talked to everyone about home improvement and hydropower acceptance . Learn it together!

1. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand the original water and circuit orientation of the new house, especially the circuit. It is necessary to understand the electricity load of the house, the section of the wire, the specifications of the meter, and the number of loops and sockets. In addition, before getting ready to stay, you should also ask the developer for an "electrical completion plan." It is advisable to use a branch circuit with a conductor with a cross-section of not less than 2.5 mm2; high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners should have a separate circuit with a cross section of not less than 4 mm2.

2. Second, as far as possible, the new house should be called to participate in the design of the participating members. Imagine that the house has been installed. Every day, the water and electricity that everyone needs to use should be arranged in a suitable location, and draw the leading position and outlet position on the wall. Repeat again in the future to verify its reasonableness; there is time you can draw the route of your own; sockets are not too much, but less inconvenient, the International Copper Association recommends referring to Hong Kong standards: 4 sets of bedrooms per room, 2.5 living rooms per room A group of square meters, a kitchen set of 1.2 square meters, air conditioning, exhaust fans, washing machines and other special outlets.

3. It is necessary to conduct detailed understanding and investigation of the materials required for hydropower reform. Water and fire are ruthless and electricity is more dangerous. Safety is the first element. Even if you spend more money, you have to make high demands on materials. In particular, contractors and students must learn to identify the true and false qualities of various common wires and pipes. At the same time, we must have sufficient sense of advancement to leave as much space as possible for the purchase of high-tech home appliances in the future.

4. Select the hydropower reform construction team. Xiao Bian thinks it is best to give this part of the work to the professional construction team to do it. No matter which team you choose, various qualification certificates must be checked, otherwise you must never enter the construction.

5. After the hydropower reform work is completed, it must pay attention to strict acceptance. There are many similarities in hydropower, and we must strictly control security, rationality, functionality, and aesthetics. For waterways, pressure tests are also required. For the circuit, a full-load test (estimated after completion of home installation) and a short-circuit and creepage test are also conducted.

6. Finally, everyone should also pay attention to the measurement, carefully calculate the length of repetition, while at the same time for their own slotting of the brick structure or concrete structure slotting; bearing wall punching or non-load-bearing wall to achieve a bottom in the heart, because the price difference Big. In general, the cost of water and electricity for contracted materials and materials is at least half and half of the cost of the hydropower reform. Therefore, boldly bargaining, do not have the slightest hesitation. Regardless of whether it is water or electricity, whether it is bright or dark, it must always be delivered to the final engineering drawings. This is very important.

Editor's summary: I read the above related introduction on hydropower reform and hydropower acceptance. I believe that everyone has more understanding of this knowledge. If you are about to carry out hydropower reform construction, you may wish to look at the relevant points in the following text. It is better to strictly According to the construction specification, it will be more safe and secure in the subsequent use. For more information, you can follow this website.

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