What are the basic requirements for centerless grinder operation?

First, conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the "General Operating Procedures for Metal Cutting Machines".

Second, earnestly implement the following general provisions on grinding machines

(1) Installation of new grinding wheels must be done:

1. Carefully inspect the new Grinding Wheel. If there are cracks or scratches, it is strictly forbidden to use.

2. The new grinding wheel should undergo two serious static balances, that is, one time before the installation, the spindle is fixed with diamonds and then the balance is removed once.

3. When installing the new grinding wheel, a paper pad of 0.5~2 mm should be lined between the grinding wheel and the flange. Flange screws should be evenly tightened, but do not pressurize tightly to avoid crushing the grinding wheel.

4. After the new grinding wheel is installed, run at no less than 5 minutes at the working speed to confirm that the installation is correct and the operation is normal before working.

(2) Check the grinding wheel and grinding wheel cover before work, without any cracking, correct installation and reliable fastening. Machines without a wheel cover are not allowed to start.

(3) Seriously doing work:

1. Before starting the grinding wheel, the hydraulic opening and closing should be placed in the stop position, the adjustment handle should be placed at the lowest speed position, and the grinding wheel seat rapid feed handle should be placed in the retracted position to avoid accidents.

2. Before starting the grinding wheel, start the lubrication pump or the static pressure oil supply system oil pump. When the grinding wheel spindle lubrication is normal, the mercury switch jacking or static pressure reaches the designed value. After the grinding wheel spindle floats, the grinding wheel can be started. .

3. When grinding is started, the amount of time should be small, and the cutting speed should be slower to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking due to cold and brittleness, especially when the temperature is low in winter.

4. When the grinding wheel is quickly introduced into the workpiece, the motorized feed is not allowed. It is not allowed to enter the large knife. Pay attention to the protruding corners of the workpiece and prevent collision.

5. When the temperature of the grinding wheel spindle exceeds 60 °C, it must stop, and then work after the temperature returns to normal.

6. It is not allowed to use the grinding wheel of the grinding machine to grind things like ordinary grinders.

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