Wuzhong Jupower Machine Tool Xianwei Nuclear Power Industry Equipment

On September 6, 2010, the "Chinese-made" nuclear power industry's extra-large work machine took the Yangtze River Golden Waterway and officially arrived at the Zhenjiang Base of China's Erzhong Group.

This is the CKX53160A super heavy-duty CNC single-column vertical milling lathe developed by Wuzhong Group. The extreme working machine is the manufacturing equipment of nuclear voltage force vessel and evaporator barrel. The processing height is 12.5 meters, and the working capacity of the working table is 600 tons. Set a new high in the country.

The ultra-wide, overweight work machine is the first product produced after the re-factory of Wu. It is reported that Wu Zhong received the order of the working machine in March last year, the entire equipment price is about 39 million yuan. The whole machine will be assembled at the Erzhong Zhenjiang base and is scheduled to be put into use during the year.

This "big Mac" working machine, only the machine column is 18.8 meters high, 245 tons, so the "big guy" with a high weight in the city of Wuhan has a lot of trouble. On September 1, Wuzhong Group called a 88-wheel special transport vehicle and sent the equipment to the Qingshan Heavy-duty Terminal under the escort of the police car. In order to avoid danger on the way and avoid disturbing the people, the municipal government, electric power, traffic control, communications and other departments worked together to remove some billboards, utility poles, isolation belts and lamp posts along the way to clear the barriers. It is said that due to the numerous links involved, the freight rate is over one million yuan.

It is reported that since the 1980s, Wuzhong has become the only mature enterprise in China to produce such extreme working machines. It has provided more than 10 such large-scale equipments for power and metallurgical industries. It has developed China's first for the Yangtze Three Gorges Power Station. 16m super large vertical lathe, and won the second prize of international scientific and technological progress. In recent years, nuclear power equipment manufacturing has become a fist product of Wuzhong. Last year, the sales revenue was roughly 400 million yuan, accounting for about 1/4 of the total sales revenue.

Not long ago, the news obtained from the Wuhan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission said that Wuzhong, as an equipment manufacturing enterprise under the Wuhan Heavy Industry Group, will reorganize strategically with Dongfang Electric and strive to enter the world's first phalanx of heavy-duty machine tools.

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