Grape brown spot disease prevention

Grape brown spot disease mainly damages leaves, causing early leaves, weakening tree potential, affecting flower bud differentiation and yield. This pathogen can be infected many times, and it is the peak of the disease from July to September in our city. In the orchard where the management is extensive, the fertility is insufficient, and the plant performance is weak, the incidence is heavier.
Specific prevention and treatment methods: Strengthen fertilizer and water management, enhance tree potential, and reduce water accumulation in orchards. It can be prevented by DuPont Yibao 1200 times liquid or 800 times liquid spray. During the onset of the disease, use 65% sensible zinc wettable powder 500 to 600 times solution or 65% sensible zinc WP 500 to 600 times solution and DuPont Fuxing 8000 times solution. Care should be taken to spray the base blades when spraying.
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