Several ways to prevent vegetable pollution

The pollution of vegetables mainly comes from pesticides. The residues and residues of pesticides are closely related to the type of pesticides and application techniques. Preventing vegetable pollution mainly starts from the following aspects:

Microbial pesticide

Microbial pesticides are living preparations that have no pollution or residue on vegetables. The types are: agricultural anti-120, acaricidal bacteria, green worm, BT emulsion, jinggangmycin, agricultural streptomycin, Beauveria bassiana, and the like. For example, if 100 to 150 grams of BT emulsion per acre is used to spray 50 kilograms of water, it can control pests such as cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, and Spodoptera litura. Spraying Jinggangmycin 800-1000 times solution has high curative effect on solanaceous bacterial wilt and rickets. With 100-200ppm of agricultural anti-120, it can prevent and cure various diseases such as melon downy mildew and leaf spot disease.

Use soil pesticides whenever possible

The soil has a wide range of pesticides, simple production, good effect on pest control, and no side effects. For example, the use of urine washing agent (600-800 times washing powder and a small amount of urea) and tobacco lime water to control aphids, red beet spiders, whitefly, etc., the effect of more than 85%. Spraying 1% ammonium bicarbonate water can control cucumber downy mildew; spraying 2% baking soda can prevent melon powdery mildew. 2% to 3% of superphosphate solution can be used to control cotton aphids and tobacco budworms on green peppers.

Rational application of chemical pesticides

First, the use of high-toxic, high-residue chemical pesticides is prohibited. Such as methamidophos, carbofuran, 1605, 1059, toxaphene and the like. The second is the use of low-toxic, low-residue pesticides. Recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture: 25% insecticidal double, 95% crystalline trichlorfon, 40% dimethoate, 50% phoxim, 70% gram, 35% marathon, 50% smog, 20% fast Killing, 25% deltamethrin, 20% insecticidal net, 50% carbendazim, 70% thiophanate, 65% dixon, 70% chlorothalonil, 25% leaf extract, 40% trifluralin 48% cable, 10% glyphosate, Bordeaux mixture, etc. The third is to strictly control the concentration and frequency of use of chemical pesticides to ensure a safe interval.
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Swing wrought iron gate

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