Plastic packaging new materials and new technology development trend

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection. Environmental issues are becoming more and more important. Resources and energy are becoming more tense. Building a circular economy and society. Taking the road of sustainable development has become a global focus and urgent task, and has become the norm for the development of all walks of life and human activities.
In order to meet the requirements of the new era, in addition to meeting the increasing demands of the market for packaging quality and quantity, plastic packaging materials must be developed to save resources, save energy, be easily recycled after use, easy to dispose of or be easily removed by the environment. Nano or degradation is the starting point for technology development. New materials, new processes, new technologies and new products of plastic packaging are constantly emerging, and are developing with high performance and versatility, actively adopting new raw materials, new technologies, broadening application fields, and developing plastic packaging and environmental protection.
High barrier plastic packaging materials have been rapidly developed and widely used due to their ability to impart quality, freshness, flavor and extended shelf life, in addition to the widely used polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), ethylene, vinyl alcohol copolymers ( In addition to EVOH), in recent years, the development of environmentally friendly materials, promoting polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyethylene terephthalate (PEN), copolyamide (MXD6), silicon or aluminum oxide vapor film (soft glass ), the development of nano-inorganic materials, etc. will be more noticeable.
The use of metallocene polyene (MHDPE, MLLDPE, MPP) can further improve many properties of flexible packaging such as strength, toughness, transparency, barrier properties, heat resistance and processability. Will be greatly concerned and well received by enterprises.
Functional packaging materials, such as functional cling film, sheet, microporous breathable wrap film, selective transmissive packaging film, multi-functional heat shrinkable packaging film, and packaging with special functions and convenience (easy to open, easy to reseal) Materials and products will gain even greater development.
The biggest advantage of aseptic packaging materials and technology is that under sterile conditions, no preservatives, no refrigeration, maximum preservation of the original nutrients and flavors of the food, can greatly extend shelf life, facilitate storage and transportation, market development It is very rapid and its use is expanding. In addition to the large share of dairy products and fruit sweat drinks, it will be further expanded into the fields of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and condiments.
Nanocomposite packaging materials will be rapidly industrialized with the rapid development of nanotechnology. Because of its obvious improvement, such as abrasion resistance, hardness, strength, barrier property and plasticity, it can be used for special packaging in addition to food packaging. Such as anti-static, anti-electromagnetic, anti-explosive and invisible, dangerous goods packaging, etc., it is expected to promote the transformation of traditional plastic packaging materials.
Environmentally friendly (environmentally friendly) plastic packaging materials (or green plastic packaging materials), with the implementation of environmental management standards IS14000 series has become a global hotspot, among which plastic packaging materials such as PET, PEN, which are easy to recycle and reuse, are easily degraded. Biodegradable plastics in plastics (EDP) have become hot spots in hotspots. Others such as zero-pollution foams, thin-walled bottles and bag-shaped packaging containers have also attracted much attention.
In the packaging of juice and tea beverages, hot-filled plastic bottles have lower cost, transparent material, light weight, and are not easily damaged, and have good environmental adaptability, etc. compared with traditional aseptic paper packaging, three-piece metal cans and glass bottles. The advantages have been obtained in an increasingly wide range of applications, accounting for more than half of the total hot pack market.
In addition to PET, hot-filled plastic bottles have received much attention in recent years. The BOPP bottle has the following advantages: the heat resistance is improved by the PP stretching process, the canning temperature can be increased to 100 degrees Celsius, the bottle mouth does not require special equipment treatment, and the oxygen barrier performance is greatly improved; the BOPP bottle does not absorb moisture, The storage period is long and easy to recycle; the product cost is 20% cheaper than PET bottles.

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