Nuclear power is re-evaluated under the new energy pattern photovoltaic or get rid of marginal status

Japan’s nuclear disaster, which is still continuing, brings a hint of cooling to the global nuclear power development. China has also decided to adjust and improve the mid- and long-term plans for the development of nuclear power, and to suspend the approval of nuclear power plant projects, including projects for carrying out preliminary work. Will nuclear development be affected? What changes will happen to the new energy landscape? With these questions, China Economic Net reporters interviewed a number of industry experts and companies.

The general direction of the development of nuclear power does not change temporarily. After the approval of the nuclear power project is suspended, will the pace of China's nuclear power slow down? The information from all parties shows that the prospects are not as pessimistic as they are.

Feng Fei, head of the Industry Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said in an interview with the China Economic Network reporter that although nuclear power is currently affected by Japan, China’s development of nuclear power will not change for the time being. However, we can continue to vigorously develop nuclear power only on the premise of ensuring safety. We must pay attention to issues such as technology and site selection as well as the management and emergency response capabilities of enterprises in ensuring safety.

Meng Xianzheng, deputy director of the China Renewable Energy Society, supports this view. In a guest interview with China Economic Net "Chanjing Online," he said that for the development of nuclear power can not be denied, but now not to "talk about nuclear dislocation" degree, the key is to strengthen the safety of technology and management reliability.

Shi Dan, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Trade of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the explosion of nuclear power plants in Japan has alarmed nuclear safety, but in the long run, the development of nuclear power will continue to accelerate because of the reduction in nuclear power compared with coal and electricity. Still play some role.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ouyang Yu, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, the nuclear power expert who is revered as the “father of China’s nuclear power” said that China’s development of a low-carbon economy cannot be separated from nuclear power. To develop it, we must take certain risks. In the development path, safety must be the first priority, and the focus should be on the third-generation nuclear power plants. "If you want to develop a bit faster, the second-generation nuclear power plant will be built a little more. The risk is also greater. If you want to develop a low-carbon economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, if you want to build a little faster, it will be on two or three generations, but the risk is also high. The third-generation nuclear power plant should be constructed with emphasis."

Among various types of new energy sources, nuclear power currently has the closest power generation cost to the on-grid electricity price of thermal power generation, and its carbon emission level is also superior to other power generation modes. Since the construction of the first nuclear power plant in 1985, China’s nuclear power industry has developed rapidly, and since the nuclear power plants built in the later period have adopted some domestically-manufactured equipment, the construction cost is far lower than the previous period.

Solar energy or ushered in a major adjustment Anyway, due to the impact of this crisis, nuclear power development will temporarily decline, this will provide opportunities for the development of other types of new energy such as hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic, etc.? Will the adjustment of various new energy sources in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" be adjusted?

Meng Xianji believes that in accordance with the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” outline, hydropower will be the first focus of renewable energy, followed by wind power. Before 2020, wind power is the largest renewable energy source, and the total installed capacity must exceed that of photovoltaic. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, 120 million kilowatts of wind power will be started and the total volume will reach 330 million kilowatts by 2020.

Shi Dan, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Trade of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that the energy development in the future is multi-faceted, and one can not emphasize one-sidedly that in the near term, more competitive should still be wind power and solar energy. However, because the resources of solar energy are more abundant, the industrial chain has been perfect enough, so it will occupy an important position in the development and utilization of renewable energy, especially in distributed power supply, there is a good market prospect in the use of prospects. .

Due to the impact of the nuclear power crisis, the goals for the development of nuclear power in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” may be adjusted, which will also affect the share of other new energy sources. Meng Xianyi analyzed that it is still difficult to confirm how to adjust, but through this nuclear power accident and some suggestions made by many representatives of the “**” this year, it may also be necessary to make some adjustments to various new energy cities. If this "12th Five-Year Plan" has been adjusted, solar power will be the largest renewable energy source. "Because this goal was set too low in the past, it will be 20 million kilowatts by 2020 as planned."

The industry calls for greater policy support Although there is a great opportunity for development, the high cost and excess capacity of solar power may be a stumbling block to the industry, but the voice from all walks of life is slightly optimistic.

According to Min Xiaoxuan, chairman of Artex Sunshine Power Technology Co., Ltd., solar energy has only been equivalent to 20% of the cost of solar energy 15 years ago after the development of solar energy in recent years. There is a possibility of further cost reduction and efficiency increase.

For Sun Yat-sen, chairman of Shandong Yucheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., who has long been questioned as “overcapacity,” he affirmed that this is merely a theoretical surplus and that the actual market demand is still very strong. It is only for component manufacturers. There is indeed a slight excess. “For example, the production capacity of polysilicon is far from enough to meet the demand for module production. At the same time, the battery cells in our industry are difficult to procure, are not easy to purchase, and have high prices.”

Behind the question of “overcapacity” in the photovoltaic industry, it is basically the slow development of the domestic market. The rapid spread of new energy is inseparable from policy guidance and support. This has also become a long-standing call in the industry. An expert who declined to be named even stated that if there is no strong industrial policy support in the next few years, the new energy industry will Slightly sluggish.

Huang Ming, chairman of Huang Ming Solar Energy Co., Ltd., visited the China Economic Net studio during this period. He said that the state of the solar energy industry in China has not been greatly changed. Foreign attention to China’s solar energy development capacity has even exceeded. Domestically, U.S. President Barack Obama specifically mentioned in his State of the Union address that China now has the largest private solar energy research institution in the world.

“Renewable energy is a policy-driven business. If it is said that there is no policy-driven development, relying entirely on market mechanisms will be very slow, because the price will be very poor in market acceptance,” Meng said. He suggested that the electricity surcharge should be appropriately increased, for example, to 1 point to increase support for renewable energy.

Shi Dan, deputy director of the Institute of Finance and Trade of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, suggested that the use of renewable energy in China is still in its infancy. Solar photovoltaic power plants are still under construction. To actively develop the market, at least one must form a solar photovoltaic power plant. A protection of electricity prices, so that these companies can be maintained, this is where the government needs to consider.

Huang Ming told the China Economic Net reporter that the price issue is merely a representation, and the issue of concept and emotion is the real problem.

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