Security monitoring dominates infrared thermal imaging technology into hot spots

With the rapid development of information technology, network communications, digital video, multimedia technology and sensor technology, monitoring technology has also changed from traditional analog to digital, network, high-definition, and intelligent directions. With the continuous increase in market demand, modern high-tech emerged. Infrared technology also allows monitoring to work 24 hours a day from night to day. In the military, firefighting, high-speed rail and other hot topics related to national security has achieved widespread use of thermal imaging technology, with the strongest hidden, the most well-targeted thermal imaging device has begun to "jump" in the high-end application industry "ivory tower", Enter many security areas. Get rid of light dependence and realize monitoring "passive"

People see objects through the optical effects of reflection, refraction, etc. Once the light is too strong or too dark, it cannot be seen clearly. Therefore, ordinary surveillance cameras encounter backlit light or nighttime surveillance blind spots that cannot be “seen” or detected. In order to ensure the stability and real-time performance of the monitoring, the thermal imaging technology obtains the image through the heat generated by the object itself, thereby getting rid of the dependence on visible light. Although thermal imaging technology is not an emerging technology, as technology continues to mature, thermal imaging technology can already be applied to perimeter prevention in key locations. According to Axis related personnel, some network cameras currently have a day/night conversion mode, which can work in extremely dark environments. However, in some cases, problems such as low efficiency and video shadowing may still occur. Thermal imaging surveillance products are free from the dependence on visible light in the monitoring process of ordinary optical cameras. The thermal imaging network camera uses the thermal radiation of the object to image, and can “see through” the image behind the obstruction in all monitoring environments to help the user to detect suspicious behavior so that appropriate measures can be taken in time.

Not afraid of harsh weather performance is still perfect Thermal video cameras are still performing perfectly in harsh environments, not only working in complete darkness, but also in harsh weather conditions such as haze, rain, snow and smoke. . In addition, thermal cameras do not lose their ability to monitor under strong light or laser beams. Using this technology, people can clearly observe the situation in front of the night in a completely dark, smoke-clad battlefield, it is based on this feature, infrared thermal imaging technology provides advanced night vision equipment for security monitoring. It also installed an "all-weather" surveillance system for security surveillance projects. At present, China's high-speed rail, high-speed and other places are equipped with thermal imaging equipment, from the military to the high-speed high-speed rail hot imaging technology to achieve the transition of civilians.

Multi-field applications to achieve full coverage of the security market In the past two years, the development of the security market, thermal imaging technology is no longer out of reach. According to Zhang Chaochao, chief engineer of Shandong Shenye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the active infrared surveillance market currently accounts for 99% of the market. Although passive infrared surveillance accounts for only 1% of the market, in the next 5 to 10 years, thermal imaging technology will definitely His unique advantages occupy more markets; as the thermal imaging technology continues to mature, the market demand continues to increase thermal imaging will be rapid development in medical, power, forest fire prevention, legacy monitoring, weather intelligence monitoring and other fields. Recently, Haikang, Axis, and Samsung have also launched their own thermal imaging monitoring products.

From the US security market, the night vision technology represented by thermal imaging technology has been popularized. They monopolize the global passive infrared surveillance market with a huge security market and mature technologies. Many manufacturers in China have independently researched and developed thermal imaging monitoring products, and the price is relatively low. At present, the domestic and foreign brands of thermal imagers have their own advantages. China is a big country in the developing security market. We have reason to believe that China's thermal imaging monitoring technology will gradually rise in the next few years.

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