Lipstick Stun Gun Taser Guns Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

Model NO.: 308
Size: 160*35mm
Color: Black
Weight: 190g
Use: Shock and Flashlight
Trademark: ingo
Specification: CE
Origin: Jiangsu Taizhou
Specific self-defense protection, lighting function, electric shock


Self defense LED torch
1. Source voltage: 7.2VDC
2. Current capacity: AA2.5A
3. Output pulse voltage: >4000kv

Best quality Self defense multifunctional Rechargeable LED Torch
Different type Heavy Duty Product

Features as follows:

1. Adopt High frequency oscillation circuit to improve output current. The large capacity DC discharge, the output energy is above 5 times than the original pulse type electronic riot.

2. Heavy Duty ultrabright LED flash light, AAaaaaacirculation charging and the batterydurability is high.

3. Adopt inner charger input and convenient to carry

4. Aluminum alloy shell and fashion Design


1. Source voltage: 7.2VDC

2. Current capacity: ≥ 2.5A

3. Output pulse voltage: >4000kv

Single Cold Kitchen Faucet

Installed on the kitchen sink, used to put cold water only. Its structure includes: screw lift type, metal ball valve type, ceramic spool type, etc. The valve body is made of brass, chrome-plated, gold-plated and various metal lacquers. The shape is various, single handle Kitchen Faucets, double handle faucets are provided.

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